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Is there a way to fax disputes to CRA's? All I can find is PO box addresses.

No, not that I know of.  You can dispute on the phone, on the internet or via mail. 

Mischievous Smurfy:
I think there are some who fax disputes but i don't know the numbers and i wouldn't do it.

From FICO Forums:

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EQ Business Line (also has option for Personal): 888-202-4025

EQ office in GA: 800-685-1111
EQ Dispute Fax #:  888-826-0573, 888-826-0549, 888-729-0083
EQ Business:  802-304-0364
EQ: 800-797-6801
CSC, EQ's Credit Reporting Outsource:



CSC Fax: 281 878 4999


EX office in TX: 888-397-3742

EX Business:  888-211-0728

EX: 800-493-1058 or 888-397-3742 (automated answer, but keep pressing "0" every time the recorded voice starts, and eventually you should get a live person)

EX Dispute Fax: 972-390-3838

TU office in PA: 800-888-4213
TU: 888-259-6845 (6am-12 pacific time)
TU: 800-916-8800 (consumer relations)

TU Dispute Fax: 610-546-4606, 610-546-4771


Automated Info/Dispute:  800-457-0247

Corporate Office:  614-223-0647

Thanks Guys. I actually already mailed the disputes. If they fix all 3 disputes this should raise his score. which isn't too terrible (all 3 scored the same 648) I am hopefu;l the score will come up a little closer to the 700 mark. 700 would be nice but not expecting a 52 point increase.


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