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Get a call from (851) 322-8600?
« on: May 13, 2009 09:16:27 PM »
Congratulations!  The US Federal Bureau of Investigations wants to speak to you...

Just as they did with these folks at "800Notes":

PJ - 24 Mar 2009this extremely foreign man called me this am left me a vm on my cell phone that INCLUDED my SS#.  I knew immediately it was a fraud but he said he was with the US Federal Bureau of Investigations.  He had all kinds of information about me but thank God it was my cell number as the message he left had my whole ss number...Oh yeah he said his name is Ryan Smith and believe me he was NO Ryan Smith.  I could barely understand him.

Deep undercover agents such as "Ryan Smith" may want to talk to you...even if the person "of interest" to them is NOT even related to you:

Peak-a-boo - 24 Apr 2009I recieved a call from 815-322-8600, and they said someone took a loan out in my name.  He said it was Shadia.  I do know someone name Shadia.  He said, because i was associated with her, I had to pay 695 dollars, or i would have to go to court.  They even had a court number.  He said there were 3 charges against me. 1- Shadia took a loan out from payday for 695 dollars, and since i was associated with her i was involved. 2- I did not pay the loan back, and 3-interested.  So he said i could settle out of court.

Too bad this "agent" has not the slighest clue about such niceties of contract law as "signator", "liable party", "co-signer" and "real party in interest".  Never mind that "charges" implies criminal culpability, not liability from breach of contract.

Also, just when would any "agent" warn a "perp" they were being investigagted or about to be arrested?  Thought so..."Peak-a-boo" continues:

He had a very strong accent.  I could barely understand him. I told him to get me someone that could speak better english, and sosmeone who is American.  He said i am American, and i speak english.  I kept on saying i can't understand you.  i said who is this.  He said it was Officer Alex Dawson, and he was with the United Affidvit processing legal department, and he works for the United States Government.  I told him to let me speak to sosmeone who has no accent.  Of course they put me with someone else name John Anderson. He spoke wsith a accent...  asked for his number, and he gave me that 815-322-8600. ...  called back.  I asked for Alex Dawson, and he said who, then i said who am i talking to, he said Richard Dawson.

Calling about that "Family Feud" appearance for the "Peak-a-boo" family...oh, not THAT Richard Dawson?   :vbrofl: Or, come to think of it, THAT "John Anderson" (although in this latter case, there is some truth to the "U.S. Government" connection, although in the past tense... :)  ).

Uh, yes, the "Shadia" problem that "Peak-a-boo" was trying to help resolve...

I said i was requiring the case about Shadia.  He said John Anderson was on that case.  He put me to John Anderson.  This guy was saying the same thing about me, someone took a loan out in my name.  I said well what do i need to do.  He said i needed to fax over my credit card number to his fax number.  I told him i do not have a charge card.  He told me i would have to go to K-mart to get one of those cards, and fax over the 16 number from the card over to his fax.  I would say I am ready to pay 695 dollars on behalf of Shadia to the United Affidavit processing department for  the outstanding amount. The phone was going in and out, so it was hard to hear, and understand him.

Oh, the way to solve an alleged ID Theft is for the "victim" to "voluntarily" pay the bill for the alleged "thief" using a "convenient" "pre-paid" debit card from K-Mart, faxing him the number?   And where exactly did this "United Affidavit" processing department come into the picture?

Something stinks here, and it's not just the VoIP connection:

Garna Parsley wrote on the BAITS Consulting forums about a call she got with a demand from another "Investigator" for payment on an alleged payday loan:

The man with a very thick accent claimed to be Mike Wilson. He gave me a number and claimed that the number was Cashco. Upon calling the number, someone just answers hello and then says that its National Affadavit Processing Services after being asked what company they represent. So far I have called the number three times and each time spoken to various NAPS representatives of Eric Johnson and Paul Hunt,..ALL with thick Indian accents! The phone number is (360)-350-1994.

Now we know it's the India Bureau of the "US FBIS" calling... :)

Garna Parsley then does the logical thing: She calls up Cashco to find out what's up and gets a surprise...

I did contact Julie Dougherty of collections from Cashco, which really is a legitimate payday loan company in Oregon. She informed me that it was indeed a scam!

The payday loan outfit is not involved at all and confirms that these "Investigators" are only "investigating" how to steal from other people's bank accounts!  Too bad these "pro" "Investigators" have forgotten a certain fact about the Internet, as "BAITS Consulting" (board owner) points out:

[A]nyone ... can get the same program free of charge from it is a VOIP based calling system, they simply pay for phone numbers and get unlimited calls, that blocks the true location of them. Easy remedy though is to add the number to your friends list and it will show you where they actually are.

The Internet works (and "skip-traces") both ways.



More information:

1.)  Cashco is not the only payday lender to have their name "borrowed" by these people.  "Payday2go" and "Crown Lending" are two others:

2.)  The above thread also has a post by "Raymond" who gives more insight into how these scammmers operate...and how easy they are to contact...

I managed to tell the guy I was going to use my brothers credit card and he then put me on hold for 10 minutes and created some lame word document invoice for the amount owed. I managed to get an It's funny how I tried to reply to get all the information in writting from them and I got the following message.

This e-mail is auto generated This is an automatic reply to your email message to This email address is protected by NAPS spaminator.  Your email message has been redirected a Suspect Email folder for  In order for your message to be moved to this recipient's In box.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank You  NAPSNational Affidavit Processing Service

Or not.  Note the "black hole" e-mail in-box.  Wanna' bet nobody EVER gets "white-listed"?  Not that we should be so surprised:  After all, if these people really wanted people to be able to contact them, they would not be bulk-buying phone numbers and hiding behind them, would they? 

3.)  There is another scam out there where the perps buy up unused pre-paid cell phone numbers from providers such as MCI (and which can trace back to areas where MCI does NOT provide regular "land-line" service, such as CT) to hide behind.
Indeed, it might be the same scam, but I am not sure at this time.
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