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 I Ran My Credit Report In January Of 2007 And Had A Late Fee Which I Was Aware Of In April. The April Late Was Forgiven And Taken Off My Report. Now I Have Another Late Fee Just Now Showing Up January Of 2008. Suntrust Says I Paid Late In Feb 2007. I NEVER PAID LATE PRIOR TO THE APRIL LATE AND NEVER PAID LATE AFTERWARDS.

When I First Took The Loan Out There Was An Introductory Rate Which Kept Adjusting Because They Up The Rates TO BEGIN WITH. The Rates Not Only Continued To Change Bi-weekly But So Did The Payment and the due dates. This Was Their Mistake And They Are Pinning This On Me. I Have No Proof Because Everything Was Done Verbally Over The Phone.  >:(

To Add To My Frustation With Suntrust, A Phone Representative Tricked Me Into Opening A Checking Account In Order To Finally Fix "The Introductory Rate" on My Loan situation. Suntrust Gave Me An 8 % Instead Of Giving The Intro Rate, For The 1st 3 Months, Of 4%.

The Checking Account Was Just A Ploy For That Person Over The Phone. I guess they have numbers to meet.

What Should I Do?

I Am In The Process Of Buying A Home And I Was Approved On November 2007 (when I Did Not Have This Feb Late Payment). The Bank That Approved Me Ran A Report In Jan 2008 And Said That Because There Is Now A Feb Late Showing On The Reports I Do Not Qualify. My House Will Be Completed In April And I Will Lose My Deposit Because Of This.

What Letter Do You All Recommend Me Sending To The Oc (suntrust)? Does Anyone Have Good Template?

Please Help!!!


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Re: What Letter To Send To Oc's For A Late Fee Appearing A Year Later
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Search for "goodwill letter" techniques.