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I am placing this under "Collection Attorneys".  It could just as well be under "Junk Debt Buyers", for they are both!

The law firm:  Cohen and Slamowitz

The contact information:

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 9004
Woodbury, NY 11797-9004

Office Location
199 Crossways Park Drive
Woodbury, NY 11797-2016
(516) 364-6006
(800) 293-6006
Fax (516) 908-7993

From their website:

Firm Profile
With corporate lineage traced back to the 1950's, today's Cohen and Slamowitz, LLP was formed in August of 1991 as a partnership of professional corporations. The firm is managed by its two active partners, David A. Cohen and Mitchell G. Slamowitz. We provide our clients with thorough, complete and comprehensive legal representation throughout the entire state of New York.

Yes..that is it.  Other than a page with their addresses, it's all request/log-in forms!  Seems they don't want us to know much about them, do they?  ;)

Well...what is it we say about the Internet?  If they won't tell us, a web search might fill us in on them.

Let's start with Bud Hibbs:

Head Debt Collectors:
David A. Cohen, lawyer, debt collector
Mitchell G. Slamowitz, lawyer, debt collector

Bud Says…

These two debt collectors are using their law firm and bottom feeder agency to buy, collect and file lawsuits on. Located in Woodbury, NY, the debt collection law firm of Cohen & Slamowitz and Gemini Recoveries, Inc. This is typical of lawyers buying old, mostly worthless accounts and filing lawsuits so they can make money off the misery of others.

The problem with these type debts is that they must be proved in a legal venue. Consumers are warned that bottom feeders, such as Cohen & Slamowitz, aka Gemini Recoveries have a VERY difficult time in producing the correct legal documents. Any suit should be challenged, make demand for all documentation that validates their claim. Do NOT accept anything other than original documentation, containing your signatures. Make them prove what the annual percentage rates are legal, i.e.; proof that you were notified of the prevailing rates y the original creditor and that it was a part of the cardholder’s agreement.

In fact, I doubt that they can get the docs. at all!

A "Consumer Comment" reveals that they don't care...and can they even sue in CA?  Or, are they going to try to force the case--against the FDCPA--to be heard in NY?:

Email:  <withheld>
Agency Name: Cohen & Slamowitz

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date:  December 13, 2005
Agency Comments

I am being threatened with a suit by Cohen and Slamowitz, for an account which I closed in 2001. At that time the entire amount was paid off. This year I was contacted by this agency and told that I had a $600 plus account with them. I believe that it is also against the law to try and collect on a past the statue of limitations debt (4 years in California). These people have discussed the debt with every one who answers my phone, and refuse to send and documentation about the account.

And, they paid off the debt when they closed the account in 2001!

This poster on "Art of Credit" got hit with a default judgment on an out-of-SOLC debt.  One entered while she was out of the country:

whatsherlips     12-29-2005 03:24 PM
New and In Deep: Cohen & Slamowitz Default Judgment

I am new to this forum and stumbled upon you when looking for guidance on-line for a credit problem. I hope that someone here can help.

Years and years ago - so long ago that it no longer appears on my credit report - I accumulated some credit card debt and (silly me) hoped that it would go away. The account went to collections, and I received a phone call in 2000 at my workplace (in New York City) threatening me. I called a non-profit counseling service and was told to tell them to not call me any more. I thought that would be enough.

At the beginning of 2005, I moved out of the country to live with my partner. I am officially still a "visitor" here with a permanent address in New York City (until the paperwork for my residency is finally approved).

Two days ago, I went online to check my bank account balance, and my account was overdrawn over $8000. Calling my bank to find out what this was about, they just told me that I was supposed to call Cohen & Slamowitz and they would tell me what was going on. With a lot of pressure, I was finally able to get an "Index Number" and was told that a $10000 hold was on my bank account because of a court order handed down by the New York City Civil Court. But to get any other information, I would have to call Cohen & Slamowitz.

I searched the NY on-line database of decisions, and nothing came up either with my name on it or the "Index Number" given to me by the bank. I called the courthouse and was told that they could give me no information over the telephone. I can't go to the local courthouse to find out what is going on unless I fly back to New York.

I was never served with anything because I have been out of the country for almost a year. My friend who has been picking up my mail told me a long time ago that there was something from "Cohen & Slamowitz," but since I didn't know who they were, I assumed it was junk and told him to toss it.

The original debt must be way outside of the 6 year NY State Statute of Limitations.

I have read many posts on this website and have gained a lot of insight, but could find very little guidance for my particular sticky situation. Wish I had known to check you out years ago! I just need to know where to start, and want to avoid calling C&S at all costs (thanks to repeated advice I have come across through your postings).

Thanks in advance!

Just as unfortunately, she may be stuck if she cannot vacate the judgment...and it may have been long enough that she may have a difficult time, at best, of doing so.  And, Cohen and Slamowitz will get away with the thievery!

This letter writer wrote to this columnist in the "St.Petersburg Times" (FL) for help.
It took the threat of unwanted media attention, I guess, to get results.  For paperwork on a case discharged in BK!:

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Law firm hands over needed paperwork
Paradis Archive:
Click here
By NANCY PARADIS, Times Staff Writer
Published April 22, 2004

In 1997, I filed for bankruptcy. Among the discharged debts was one from the credit card company Greenwood Trust, formerly known as Discover Card. Every time I apply for credit, this continues to come up on my record as an outstanding debt. The law firm Upton, Cohen and Slamowitz issued the letter to my mortgage company stating that this debt was canceled. The District Court of New York needs the law firm's original letter to officially remove this debt from my record.

I have e-mailed, phoned and written numerous times to the law firm and had no reply. Please help me get the original letter needed for the court. Norma D'Aguilar

Response: We did not hear from the law firm Upton, Cohen and Slamowitz in Syosset, N.Y., so thanks for sending us the following note:

"I would like to thank you for getting the paperwork for me from Cohen and Slamowitz in New York. You did what I could not do after trying for one year."

And, "sewer service" is this firm's name!  (Used to be known as Upton, Cohen and Slamowitz).  This post from "Card Report" shows that:

Re: upton, cohen and slamowitz

Posted by MJ ( on November 20, 2003 at 19:37:03:

In Reply to: Re: upton, cohen and slamowitz posted by me2 on November 20, 2003 at 16:54:26:

Upton, Cohen & Slamowitz also sued me and the process server (a foreign name) totally lied. He served me at an address where I never lived.... in fact, the building is an office building with no residences. He claims that another tenant said that I lived there, etc. -A complete LIE. I found out about this 2 years later when I discovered that they obtained a default judgment against me. They are obviously underhanded, lying scum!

And, another poster in that same thread names names of the ones who pulled the dirty trick on them...and they are mad!:

Re: upton, cohen and slamowitz

Posted by me2 ( on November 20, 2003 at 16:54:26:

In Reply to: upton, cohen and slamowitz posted by me on November 20, 2003 at 13:18:48:

Yes - they sued me in 1999 and I just found out about it! They also use a process server that lies on his affidavits of service (he also lied on a couple of other things I found out about). The process server is Kenneth Miller. I'm getting ready to stick these guys, but good.

So that might be how the AoC victim got victimized!  Never got served...and the process server lied like a rug!

And, guess which law firm was the co-defendant in the case of "Miller v. Wolpoff and Abramson"  (2d. Circuit Court of Appeals, 2002)?  That's right!:

The case is posted here at Debtorboards in this thread:

Another victim, also on "Card Reports":

Online banking and Creditors!
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Posted by roughmuffins on January 08, 2002 at 01:41:31:

After only two months discover card turned over my account to upton, cohen, and slamowitz; syosset,ny. The account went deliquent as of Feb 31, 2001 and april, 2001 I was taken to court and a judgement was aquired against me. They have attached the legal fees and interest since the deliquent date. I was unaware I was being sued. What constitutes being served? I never got a registered letter, or was served a supena.. must have gotten one of those letters and never opened them? I don't know, alot of things were going on at that time. (family illness) I can't believe they could get a judgment so fast! Can I have this judgment set aside, but then I will have acknowledged the debt and I'll be back to square one!

Now I'm worried my 1600 tax refund will be confiscated by the lawyers for discover. Will direct deposit help facilitate that? Does it matter? I know the irs will seize the refund for child support and back taxes, but can anyone apply to be awarded the funds provided they have legal proof moneys are due.

Thanks for any help.

See?  They go after the easy pickins' this case someonw who had no chance to fight...and the time frame is suspicious in itself.  They had to have started the process before charge-off.  Legal?  Yes...but was she served ?  Bet she wasn't!

And, "Credit Info. Center" had a poster who was asking for info about them:

Cohen and Slamowitz" Strikes Again!


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Hi legal experts and such,
I have a question
Do any of you guys have any information about a CA called Cohen and Slamowitz they are based out Woodbury , NY Also has anyone heard anything or has any new legislation been introduced in regards to Discover Card or illegal practices of credit card companies when signing up new cardholders , especially on college campuses. Anything you may have will be helpful.


Lady n'Red let them have it, and missinglink filled in one:


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The firm is Upton, Cohen, and Slamowitz and they have been slapped in court numerous times for their shoddy and law-violating practices. The are a batch of really BAD actors that are very nasty to deal with.

Try a Google search and do a search here, you'll find lots. I think I have some info on a case won against them, I'll have to see if I'm remembering correctly.
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Cohen and Slamowitz are dirt bags. Sometimes they take accounts and say they are assignees when in fact they are not, they are known for their lies.

So, if they claim they are assignees...attack the assignment agreement!

This "CreditNet" thread from 2002 (they've been cheating and lying for a long time) also deal with them...30 posts and two pages worth!  So, I leave it to you to follow the link...

In this case, she has moved out-of-state,so it's even questionable that they have standing at all to sue her!  After all, they must sue her where she is...and if they don't hire a local attorney...

And, on the "FreeAdvice" forum, this gal from Nebraska got to deal with the sewer slime, who were doing the dirty deed for another batch of JDB pond scum...Asset Acceptance:

Hi all. I'm from Nebraska. I had an old MBNA credit card that went 30 days delinquent in October of 1999. It was charged off in May of 2001. To my
knowledge, I did not make a payment after 2000, for sure, and most likely
since the 1999 date. Two years after the charge off, Asset Acceptance bought it, and made a few feeble attempts to contact me. I dodged them, knowing that the SOL was coming up. Well, last Friday I received the lovely summons from the local sheriff that I am being sued. I have been looking into things, and have gleaned some information, but would appreciate any help
you can give me.

1. I believe the SOL is up.
2. AA, LLC is not licensed as a collection agency in Nebraska. I have
sent for a certified letter to prove this. I printed out the online list from
the NE Secretary of State's web site that shows this.
3. I checked my online credit report (and am sending for Equifax and
Trans Union paper reports tomorrow) and it shows that AA, LLC has
put my account on my credit report as newly opened as of April 2003.
They have re-aged my account.
4. I checked AA, LLC on the Michigan Attorney General's web site,
and they don't show up on listed licensed collection agencies.
5. AA, LLC is using an attorney in Omaha, Nebraska to contact me now.
He is the one that wrote up the summons.

My plan is to wait until my 30 days response period is about up, and then
send an answer to the summons denying the debt amount and that I owe
it to AA, LLC...and that the SOL is up.

Please give me any other advice and help that you have regarding
a situation like this. I see that some others have had similar happenings
with AA, LLC.

Thank you!


They are sneaky, slimy - they have me and I am hving a tough time getting out ot it - I paid an account and I am having a HARD time getting them to update my credit report

I have a question - on this ASSet Acceptance....

They bought an account that I owed $ to Chase bank - they bought it in 2002 I was told.......... In 2003, I paid the account on settlement to Upton,Cohen and Slamowitz law office because they seized my checking account.
I am trying to buy a house, got a copy of my credit report, and saw this Chase account at AAC.... so I called them - was told they had no clue why I'd pay Upton, because they bought the account from Chase and no other complany had "right" to collect.
I faxed them the proof from Upton the account was paid.
NOW - (as of 3/18/05) - Asset said they are working on getting the $ from CHase before they will close the account on my credit report.
Can they do this??? Why can't they close my account on my credit reprot since they have proof I paid it and collect their $ "behind the scenes" so to speak?
This is really negatively affecting my credit report and I have called several times to even ask for a letter saying the account was paid and I was told no we can't do that.

Thanks! angela

And, Cohen and Slamowitz won't help here any more than Asset will!

Slimeballs!   >:(