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From non other than Derek at insideARM.....

--- Quote ---..Sheriff, if you were a collector fielding the calls from debtors trained by Tax and ultimately fired from your job as a result, or if you were the agency owner writing an extortion check for a few thousand dollars to one of his minions, you most certainly would NOT be deleting any posts in connection with his board.

What is being discussed is not 'make believe' or empty pot shots. People are losing their jobs, agencies are writing checks for thousands of dollars, all as a result of the chicanery and deception that Tax teaches on board.

It is imperative that agency owners and managers be fully aware of what goes on with those boards and how it affects our bottom line.

People like Dr Tax and his twisting of consume laws into weapons for extortion need to be exposed to the entire collection industry.

Yes, I believe he most certainly SHOULD be given his own thread.
--- End quote ---

Sheriff is Mike Bevel, Mod at Because he polices that board he is referred to as Sheriff Mike.

Here's the link:

BTW, I want to thank the gang at InsideARM for helping me find DB.

JunkBuyers WorstNightmare:
Of course, according to the twisted logic of Derek, Slamabama, et. al., it's perfectly all right to pervert (or completely ignore the laws) with their cowboy collection methods.

I have spent almost 4 years taking them to task over that. You see the success I've had.

Mischievous Smurfy:
Well what can you say ....  the maskot over there is Marauder ... a company that is and apparently always has been the worst of the worst ...

Even been sued by thier own client to the tune of 2 mil for failing to hand over monies collected on thier behalf (or failing to pay for a portfolio ... one of the two)

then tried to file bankruptcy to escape that judgment and was severely sanctioned by the court and banned from filing for 6 months ...

and this idiot who WON'T pay his own debts and does anything and everything to try to escape them is the one he wants us to follow .... seems according to him we already do follow Marauders lead ...


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