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This, I don't know why you keep implying that you have any duty to let a debt collector calling into your home dictate how you will conduct yourself in your own home; what you will and will not answer; and who will or will not listen to your phone messages (I know messages are not at issue here but it is another common demand that collectors make, that you have to handle your phone messages as they say). 

A consumer has zero legal obligation to assist a debt collector in complying with the law; the FDCPA is strict liability; and a debt collector assumes those risks when they pick up the phone, sends a letter, makes a statement, files suit, etc.....

I wasn't implying I had any legal duty to comply.  I wanted to ensure there was not some obscure subsection of the laws I was unaware of that did require that information under certain circumstances before I mailed a demand letter.  The conversation did not go any differently than it would have otherwise when I picked up the phone knowing it was a bottom feeding vermin looking for a quick meal.
Be VERY careful following advice from the internet! What worked for someone with thousands of posts on a message board may not work for YOU in your state.  Consult a lawyer when ever possible.


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I'm not an attorney. If you ask my wife, anything I've said is probably wrong. If you ask me kids, I'm out of touch. Take your chances with what I post!