Author Topic: TCPA case winnable?  (Read 870 times)

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Re: TCPA case winnable?
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I am working with an attorney against an original creditor that called my cell phone over 4000 times, averaging at least 10 calls per day. I consistently told the creditor to stop calling and even put all 9's in as my phone number. The case just went to arbitration, so I'm curious if you think I will get a decent settlement. It is on a $400 debt, so I'm pretty sure that will be wiped out and removed from my CR.

In terms of evidence/proof, if you have MP3 recordings of those 4000+ calls, along with screenshots from your phone showing the number [i.e. their number, a number you can prove they own], along with your own phone records, I would never arbitrate.

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Re: TCPA case winnable?
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What else does Mr. Lawyer say, other than give me half  your money?
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