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"Gerald Moore and Associates Law Office": JDB and CA law firm.
« on: September 20, 2006 02:59:19 AM »
This one could be put here, or in "Junk Debt Buyers"...I put it here because the principal is a lawyer.  And as one will soon see, a disgrace to the legal profession.

In other words, Gerald Moore and his firm is a scumbag extraordinaire.  Too strong?  Read the following before you decide I am full of doggie :

Their addy:

2253 Northwest Pkwy, #300B
Marietta, Georgia 31139
Phone: (678) 385-5340
Fax: (678) 385-5350
Web Address:

What do they say about themselves?  Let's see...

Gerald E. Moore & Associates, P.C. ("GEMA") was founded for the principal purpose of providing legal and collection services to industrial-grade creditors such as banks, debt purchasers and governmental entities. Prior to founding GEMA, Gerald E. Moore practiced predominately in the area of creditors’ rights with an emphasis in working with large financial institutions and debt purchasing enterprises. Accordingly, the firm’s staffing and systems have been carefully assembled to provide the highest level of service to clients with particular attention not just to overall dollar recovery, but to other factors important to large clients<<snip>>

He is reputed to have started out with a very large bank (see Bud Hibbs' comment below).

GEMA maintains a staff of attorneys who are not only talented legal practitioners but also experienced collection professionals. Our attorneys have litigated collection cases in trial, appellate and bankruptcy courts, handled pre-litigation collections and managed pre- and post-litigation collection portfolios. Our collection associates maintain their offices on the collection floors of our facilities, are personally involved in the process, procedures, and supervision for compliance with state and federal law in regard to collection of claims<<snip>>

Uh...compliance with the law?   I don't think so...just keep reading.

GEMA attorneys are well-schooled in the area of compliance and work closely with the collections team to ensure that all functions operate well within the framework of the myriad of statutory and regulatory schemes governing the collection of debt.

Again...I don't think so...

A careful screening process is used in the recruiting and hiring of our collection professionals. Once hired, our collection professionals undergo a thorough training program, which emphasizes the development and refinement of collection skills as well as legal compliance. ... our collection professionals are given access to supplemental training resources and are brought back in for periodic, mandatory "uptraining" sessions. GEMA employs a professional management philosophy ... Our non-collector staff is comprised of professional assistants who have been trained to provide efficient and orderly support...

Mandatory "uptraining" sessions?  Or, mandatory sessions on "How to do an 'Up Yours!'?  Again, keep reading and you will see why this came to mind...

GEMA utilizes technology in its collection processes geared to maximize efficiency and service clients in a prompt fashion. Our hardware and software systems are maintained by a professional, on-site information technology team.<<snip>>

In other words, they use the exact same technology and processes as every other CA law firm out there.

GEMA maintains a network of attorneys throughout the country who provide litigation and post-judgment services in those areas where GEMA attorneys are not licensed. Network attorneys are selected by the firm’s principals and must meet a stringent set of requirements....

What requirements?  The ability to get default judgments and scare the debtors to death?

All my comments are overdone hyperbole?  I think not...start with this from Bud Hibbs' website...from the Great One himself:

Bud Says...

This is a VERY sleazy operation, being perpetrated by liars, thieves and con-men. Gerald E. Moore runs a VERY dirty collection agency, his thugs have been taped posing as attorney's threatening legal actions that violate state and federal laws.

This House of SCAMS is to be avoided, NO money, NO checks by phone, NO credit cards. Gerald E. Moore's activities should be reported to the Georgia State Bar, as an ethics complaint. (instructions below).  Moore is a sleazy, low-life lawyer operating this 'Legalized Racketeering' under the guise of a law office. Moore and his goons are trash, they should be treated as 'dumpster waste.'

Originally, from CA, licensed in 1997, Moore got his start at Bank of America in their bankruptcy division. Moore ended up in GA, where he now operates this collection agency under the guise of a law office. This allows his 'collection-goons' to lie, threaten, intimidate, and harass consumers with violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Typically, these collection-idiots will threaten legal actions they know will never take place in the hope of stealing money from unsuspecting consumers.

As you will see, Bud ain't lying...

A consumer complaint from Bud Hibbs:

Date:  September 9, 2006 

I was recently contacted by associates of Gerald Moore concerning an old debt with Direct Merchants Bank that was bought by Worldwide Asset Purchasing. Worldwide Assets has attempted to file in small claims court in my home county, but one month later the attorney they were using filed a motion to dismiss, which was granted by the court.

Now six months later, I receive a call from Moore's office. The first thing the guy tells me is he is calling concerning a debt owed to Direct Merchants, and that they were hired by Direct Merchants to handle the account. I told the guy that they had not been hired by Direct Merchants, and if there was a debt, to send me verification of the debt. This sent the guy into a fervor, and he immediately began yelling, stating that this was the last straw, that they were going to process further legal action against me, that they were tired of playing around. I told him again to send verification, and he became even more rude, yelling to the point that the people sitting at the table with me could hear him on the phone, and then he hung up.

Less than a minute later, the phone rang again. I answered, expecting to hear the sme person. This time it was a calmer voice on the line. He identified himself, and I immediately told him the same thing, to send verification. He agreed to do so, apologizing for the other man's actions. I told him that the other guy had violated the law in his conduct, and this guy agreed that he had, and that he was out of line. He them told me that he would send the verification, but that they needed some kind of arrangement made today to pay. I told him that I would not pay, or agree to pay, anything until such point as I had seen the verification. He told me then that they were hired by Direct Merchants to handle the account. I told him that they were not hired by Direct Merchants, but were in fact acting on behalf of Worldwide Asset Purchasing, or had actually bought the debt off them. The guy told me then that I had obviously done my homework. He still insisted on some kind of payment being made, to which I told him I would agree to nothing until I saw papers. He then called out my social security number, and asked if it was mine. I tod him that I do not give out my number over the phone to anyone, and that I could not confirm that it was my number. It was at that time that he finally began the spiel concerning information obtained being used to collect a debt, at which point I told him it was about time he remembered that bit of information, and hung up the phone.

So, DMB sells the debt to Worldwide Asset Purchasing (not uncommon--DMB is noted for selling defaulted  debts right at charge-off).  WAP sues, and then gets the case dismissed.  Six months later, Gerald Moore buys the debt, and then lies about the real party in interest (DMB is long out of the picture.).  They lie about the debt having been bought from another known JDB and slimy law practice.  Then, the phone rep YELLS out the Social Security number of the alleged debtor (no doubt to make it easy for his colleagues to hear...hardly professional.  And, the "Mini Miranda" is reserved for the last thing they do in the call....and only if they haven't gotten the bank account information and admission to the debt from the alleged debtor before that time??  Should that not be the very first thing they do?

In short...they commit violations up the backside.  Yet a prepared consumer can catch them "flat-footed".

Another one of the myriad complaints to Bud Hibbs' site:

Date:  August 17, 2006   Arkansas

I'm so glad that I found this site. My husband and I bought an existing business in May 2005. We soon found out how much the previous owner was in debt...GEMA keeps calling us telling us that we "bought" their debts when we bought the business. And these people work for an attorney?? I tried calmly to explain that we bought the assets, not their debts, other than those outlined in our Purchase Agreement.

I have been yelled at several times by these thugs. I gave them my atty's phone number and of course they haven't called him yet. I have asked over 5 times for them to stop calling my home number and business and now they are calling the business and hanging up when I answer.<<snip>>

So, they will try to collect, even if the purchase agreement does not include assuming the debt as a condition of sale?  Trying to use the fact it's a business debt to pull their black magic on the alleged debtor (who is not the liable party in this case).  How does attempted fraud sound?

The last case shows that they collect on anything...even if it's not yours...or your business'!  Note once again (if you missed it the first time) that they are known for collecting on  defaulted DMB (and other credit card) accounts bought by (or bought from ) ANOTHER Marietta, GA low-life collector/JDB:  Worldwide Asset Management, owned by the Hanna Family, owners of Jefferson Capital, the Frederick J. Hanna Law Office, and CompuCredit, issue of sub-prime rip-off credit cards such as "Aspire".

Note the job requirements as another Hibbs correspondent has found.  (This is a direct quote.):

Date:  April 20, 2006

if your looking for a really sh*#ty job, go to and apply for a job that is sure to get you into trouble..

Collector Marietta, GA    Category: Collections Salary: 20,000-30,000 year  Duration: Full Time Number of Openings: 1

Qualifications  Proficient in all Microsoft software applications, Internet, E-mail, good written and excellent oral communication skills   Description  Responsible for obtaining location information, debt collections, managing a personal account portfolio; by ensuring due diligence and meeting assigned goals

notice that no experience is needed to become one of Gerald e Moore's goons! yep you too can get three meals and a bed next to bubba at the gray bar motel! sure hope that Gerald e Moore does not drop the soap! i see a little visit from the ethics office of the Georgia bar very very soon!

No, all they require is a willingness to play "Magnum, P.I."...and be someone your mother would be ashamed of.

Their phone manners would not exactly meet the standard of "Miss Manners", either, as "Pennlawyer" Larry Rubin has discovered (scroll down to items 9a and 9b under "Recorded Collector Threats"):

This person fell for the "talk-off", and a guilt trip,  to the profit of one rep and the law firm,  no doubt... (Entry of Monday 29 August, 2005.)

... So anyway this Gerald Moore attorney at law. aka Gerald Moore and associates. aka collection agency. Seems a bill from back in 95 or so a rather large amount was bought by these people. I didn't find out till later that had I not started paying on this it would have eventually gone away. My payments reactivated the debt. ... I want to be a good person. I DO owe the money. so I agree to pay $257.57 a month. till Dec. or Jan.

They are good, are they not?  Convincing someone who has an "out-of-statute" debt to pay installments on an no-doubt inflated debt amount..Too bad they did not ask first for them to validate the debt; after 10 years, who would be expected to remember accurately any outstanding bill?  Guess what the rep at Gerald Moore and Associates probably did NOT include in the "talk-off" (§809 notice)?

Some more lovely threats toward someone who wants to pay the bill...but does not have the money, yet...from "Debt Consolidation Care":

#DebbieJo - Says,

Dear Friends, I am now dealing with Gerald Moore and Associates regarding a delinquent 2,000.00 Capital One credit card. Prior to seven months ago as a 47 year women I had excellent credit, and I will be able to pay my 3 bills of by September 8th... But the company will have me served today at work, which in my business I will be fired. I have documentation... showing I will be receiving these moneys. But they hung up on me today saying unless they have money today since it is 6 months past due I will be served today and have my wages attached...even though I've offered my routing number and account number. Is this legal? They are being so rude, I just feel like quiting now, because being served at work, and having wages attached... will definitely produce the same results.<<snip>>

Calling at work...which risks her job.  Threatening to serve her at work and attaching her wages...all on the first contact?  What is wrong with this picture?  Worse yet...she admits to the debt, she can prove she is getting the money in a few days (for a CapOne card...another "nice" outfit.  (NOT!!)).  They also have her scared that there will be a judgment against her...and she has not even been served yet!! The bill has been overdue....six months??  It just charged -off, for heaven sakes. Let's face it, even CapOne does not sue THAT fast.  Neither do reputable law firms.

A follow-up post showing that there, indeed,  is no violation that Gerald Moore's law firm will not make to get the money.  See the emphasis in this one:

#DebbieJo - Says,

...This morning they called my work again befor I arrived, and explained to my boss why they were calling and that I didn't call back. When I called them, Mr. Isen accused me of calling all day yesterday and harrassing his staff, where I only called once... I work with people around me and I would never do that anyway. ...they have called saying I would be served today that was 3 days ago, and hang up on me. Work has been intolerable, especially with people around me listening...I have already given them my account number and routing number. My bill of approximately two thousand has grown much larger. ... I can hardly function...I'm most upset about being accused of harrassing his staff, when they are the ones who called me at work all week.<<snip>>

Note that:  1.)  They call at work first thing before she can even get there to take the call;  2.)  They accuse her of harrassment of the Moore staff! (She has witnesses she did not.);  3.)  They threaten her with lawsuit, claiming she would get served the day she was called (and stated in the earlier post)...three days ago (threatening actions they were not going to take and likely could not take); and, 4.)  They inflated the demand amount by a large amount.

Did she tell them they cannot call at work because the boss says no?  If she did...another violation.

On top of all that...they scared her enough to get her bank account info. and routing number!  Guess what will happen to the bank balance?  That's right...why do you think they do it?  Law offices, after all, are so expensive to run...
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Re: "Gerald Moore and Associates Law Office": JDB and CA law firm.
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2006 04:19:50 AM »
I'm wondering about missrepresentation that an attorney is involved.

If you look him up on the state bar site and look at his site there is a different address.

Which one is he at?  Does he ever go to the one that is essentially a collection agency?

Hopefully within a month I will have my car fixed and I will go over there and take pics of both addys.

This is the listing with the state bar:

Mr. Gerald E. Moore
Company: Gerald E. Moore & Associates PC
Suite 120
2221 Newmarket Parkway
Marietta, GA 30067
Phone: 770-618-2218
Fax: 678-385-5357

This is off the website: (Note also two different Suite numbers)

2221 New Market Parkway
Suite 115
Marietta, Georgia 30067

 Toll Free: (800)466-1505
Facsmile: (678)385-5343

The Suite 115 addy is also the addy for the RA.  Of course they are their own RA.
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Re: "Gerald Moore and Associates Law Office": JDB and CA law firm.
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2006 04:58:59 AM »
Having more than one addy. is common for CA attorneys (Cambece is another example of this).  So is their being their own RA.

He may well visit the satellite office...he might not.  I would treat the main address (the law firm's offices) as the one he would be working out of.
“This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice."
~ Olver Wendell Holmes