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The CAMCO Award - Self-Destruction in Action

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The list of CAMCO Award nominees for 2011 is getting bigger and bigger.

I hereby nominate Steven J.  Baum PC Law Firm of Buffalo, NY and Mr. Baum personally for the CAMCO Award. It seems they just coundn't take peoples homes away without fraud and perjury - so bad that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae cut off their supply of victims.  Without victims, Baum just couldn't make it as an ethical lawyer.

The link:

  I love you guys/Gals.  A sense of humor and your favorite nominees.

  How about  LVNV , Branchfield?   I read lots on them.


It's been a while but we have our 2012 nominee for the coveted CAMCO Award - Goldman Schwartz Inc. of Houston.  Shuttered by order of the US District Court, their creative methods of corporate seppuku included:

  •    falsely representing that Goldman Schwartz is a law firm and owner Gerald Wright is an attorney named Barry Schwartz.
    •    falsely claiming that consumers have committed crimes by not paying their debts, will be arrested or jailed, and will lose custody of their minor children.
    •    falsely claiming to be affiliated with or work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies.
    •    harassing and abusing consumers by using obscene or profane language, calling repeatedly or continuously, and calling late in the evening or early in the morning.
    •    adding unauthorized late fees and attorney’s fees to the amount consumers owe on their debts, and
    •    failing to inform consumers of their rights to dispute the debts, have the debts verified, and obtain the names of the original creditors.

Also named in the Order are Goldman Schwartz Inc, also doing business as Goldman, Schwartz, Lieberman & Stein; Debtcom, Inc., also doing business as Cole, Tanner, & Wright; Harris County Check Recovery Inc.; The G. Wright Group Inc., also doing business as The Wright Group; Gerald Wright, also known as Barry Schwartz; Starlette Foster, also known as Star Foster; and Jennifer Zamora.

Here's a link:

The CAMCO Award Selection Committee is lease to announce that we have our first niminee for the 2013 CAMCO Award - Vanderbilt & Associates LLC and Buchanan Capital Management of Orlando, FL.

Not contentto rattle off they typical threats of suit, garnishment and credit destrution, they resorted to threats of imprisonment and who know what else - the news article would only say they impersonated Law Enforcement, Government agents, process servers and others. The purpose was to scare the alleged debtor into paying, regardless of whether the debtor actually owed a debt or even if there was a debt.

The State of Florida froze all their assets, effectively shutting them down.

Here's the link:,0,7480081.story

OK, CAMCO Award enthusiasts, we have our second nominee for 2013.

We all know that debt collectors standard stock in trade is to make the threats seem like your world is about to come crashing down on you if you don't comply with their demands in nanoseconds. There is nothing new or extraordinary about that.  We also know that the less scrupulous debt collectors can be as slippery as eels, changing company names frequently to stay one step ahead of the law. Well, hats off to the Federal Trade Commission - they managed to catch three of those eels: Thai Han, Jim Tran Phelps, Keith Hua and some of their companies: Western Capital Group, Credit MP and Crown Funding Co.

What are they accused of? extortion; humiliating debtors by calling their friends, employers and families; and making false threats of lawsuits. Gee, they must have been REALLY egregious for the FTC to shut them down for that - as a former bill collector I used to do all that daily and the FTC never came after me. Oh, yes - I forgot - that was before FDCPA was passed into law so it was legal then. But still, those acts are still very common in the world of bill collectors. The significance of this FTC act is that it gives us pro-se litigants some hints as to what counterclaims we can  put on on the Answers to creditor lawsuits we file, or on our own Complaints.

Here's the link:


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