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A good week & a Donation.

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I finally took my most recent CR and started putting SOL dates on a calendar. Just realized that 2 OCs who wouldn't try to work something out with me hit SOL last week.

Thanks DB, for helping me work with those who would, and respond correctly to those who wouldn't.

I will be making a donation for each SOL I reach in the next few weeks. I am less than 6 weeks from total freedom.

P.S. the 2 last week were in the 5 figure range.

Of your accounts whose SOL ran out, were any of these JDB's or were they all original creditors?

OCs so far, but the next couple are JDBs.

Thank you in advance for the anticipated donation.  :drinking:

Thanks DB.

Even though I set up the monthly deduction, I am good for my word.

Another SOL past last week. Another donation.


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