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Sued over water bill -- but this gets interesting!

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--- Quote from: JDBStick on July 10, 2012   05:00:50 PM ---What state is this taking place in?

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Thanks for the response guys. I have been doing some searching around the internet and nothing is as obvious as fdcpa. This happened in Indiana.

As Kevin said, if she works for the utility, there is no FDCPA. Having said that, if she works for a company who does the collections for the utility the FDCPA applies.

Here where I live, the states laws include the OC, and are as tough or tougher than federal laws. Look up your state laws, and see if they have any teeth.

If nothing else, get with the state utilities regulating agency and file a complaint.

Good luck.

If I were your mom I would take the position that Cindy is a psychotic stalker and go to the police to get an Order of Protection and then to the Courts to get an Protective Injunction ordering her to leave mom alone. Somehow I doubt the water company will pay Cindy's legal bills in that one.


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