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Dell Financial Services called me 9 times today......

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Dell Financial Services called me 9 times today, finally called them back just to ensure that they were collecting on my late payment which I paid through bill pay this morning.

What can I do?

I appreciate the help.

I have worked for one of the largest student loan collection agencies for the last 5 year and I know the FDCPA inside and out, I just don't know what I can do lawsuit wise.

The FDCPA states anything more than 3 calls a day "could be" considered harrassment. 

I have also told them on another occasion that this is my cell phone and not to call it but they continue to call.

Thanks for the help


--- Quote from: thek1ng on June 26, 2012   05:43:41 AM ---The FDCPA states anything more than 3 calls a day "could be" considered harrassment. 

--- End quote ---
It does?

Read it again --

I would send Dell a CMRRR letter revoking consent to call my cell phone.

FDCPA also doesn't apply to an OC. State laws may.

Obviously you don't know the FDCPA, sorry.  It doesn't start how much number of calls, sorry.  Moreover, FDCPA only applies to collection agencies, NOT original creditor.  Your state law might help. 

You should go back to your contract when you give a cell phone they put in there that you give permission to be called by an automated dialer. 

Keep in mind, a PA judge recently ruled a case with Dell that a consumer couldn't revoke permission to call.  Link:

You can try to get them to stop calling by sending a no-call letter. 

Hello thek1ng,

I saw your post and am concerned with your situation. Please call me at 800-283-2210 extension 4250127 at your earliest convenience.

Jerry Strother
Dell Financial Services
DFS Exchange Program & Social Media
Office (DFS) + 1 800 283-2210 x 4250127
Office (Dell) + 1 800 624-9897 x 4250127
Fax + 1 512 283 8876 (must be to my attention)


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