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40K (+ 3K Lawyer fees) FDCPA/WCA court victory.

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This FDCPA/Wisconsin Consumer Act case was over a 5 minute phone call, about 3 years ago now,  where collector, among other things, called me a "thief", "criminal", "liar", said I could never appeal a civil judgment, etc.

Filed JAMS arbitration against them originally over it.  (JAMS determined arbitration clause included them.)  They refused to participate and pay.    After 8 months, lawyer for debt collector sent nasty gram to JAMS to quite bothering them!

Filed FDCPA case in state court, instead.   They refused to answer.

We got default judgment.   Hearing on damages was set by court.

They were ducking service for the hearing on damages and we had a heck of a time serving notice on damages hearing.

I testified for 2 hours, unabated, about all the problems that phone call caused me the following 2 years.   (Other collectors got involved, other lawsuits, other arbitrations happened... all because they refused to arbitrate the matter when I filed the arbitration and refused to take my issue seriously.)     3 other debt collectors down the line wrote me a check after this phone call on same debt collection issue after this particular incident.

The 40K was for emotional pain and suffering.

We need to go to California to collect it.    I'm not sure we will be able to collect, but we are sure going to try!

If we get it collected, certainly a donation to debtorboards will happen.

This could be a classic example of debt collector not paying its bills!

This is one of the largest default verdicts in favor of consumer on an issue like this under Wisconsin Consumer Act, by violating the FDCPA, in the history of the WCA.


Congratulation on your winning!   

I am now in arb with a claim that violated FDCPA and RFDCPA provisions. They sued when I elected arbitration; now the law firm and its counsels tried to duck out from arbitration. At this moment, I wait for the arbitrator to call after they submitted the court complaint to JAMS.

I hope my case go smoothly.

Congrats!!   :drinking:

Way to go!  :vbwoohoo:

trueq congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can hire Midland to collect your judgement from this deadbeat collection agency.... :vbrofl:


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