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Got counter statement in mail


Still reading it but the main arguments are that I'm trying to double the price of resolving the debt, they've spent substantial sums litigating, I want to move the dispute to a new tribunal that would need to become familiar with it, I've waived my right to arbitrate by litigating, I didn't demand arbitration properly, I didn't present any evidence to defeat a properly supported SJ.

Plaintiff says if I prevail the primary goal of alternative dispute resolution-economy and efficiency would be subverted.

They've also requested an oral argument where I have not. Where will this wind up?

There's really not much case law or statutes in this cross appeal whereas mine is loaded with support from KRS and case law.

I guess all I can do is wait for the judge's decision now right?

Just an update to tell you all there is no update :)

I filed my appeal on 4/17. The other side had a month to file their cross appeal which they took and filed it on 5/17. It's been sitting on the judge's desk for 2 months now.

I just called the court house and the clerk says it's sitting there and there is no time frame for the judge to get to it, just when he wants to.

I guess that's ok with me? The other side can't move forward on their SJ they were hilariously granted back in early April since my appeal is pending correct?

I'm fine with him sitting on it for a few years if need be.

Just wait and watch the docket. It could be a while.

I've been watching a pro se case that has been waiting for a judge's decision since June of last year.

I've been watching and calling the clerk. All she says is it's on his desk and there is no time frame for him to look at it, just when he gets to it.

No news is good news for me at this point.


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