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I filed my appeal today.

I asked the clerk what the timeframe was for the judge to see it, me get an answer and how will I get his answer.

She said there is no timeframe and I'll get the answer in the mail.

I'm nervous and anxious but relieved to have it out of my hands. I did my very best and even made some last minute changes this morning.

Thank God I did bc I found two places where I called myself the Appellee instead of the appellant.

Wish me luck for the judge to apply the law correctly!!!

Chance favors the prepared mind!

Sit back and watch them scream!

I got my green card in the mail yesterday so they have my appeal in hand.

Curious to see what happens from here.

What's interesting is that I never got a signed order in the mail from the judge on the SJ from April 17th. I've not heard anything from the other side either via mail on the SJ.

I know this may not matter bc you can sit on a SJ forever and then try to collect and of course they may not have done anything bc they got my notice of appeal. Who knows?

I'm anxiously awaiting the judge's opinion though.

The best of luck. Hopefully the Judge informs you that it is "your day".

Hopefully yes!

Still no answer but patiently waiting for "my day."


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