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I have a few accounts on the credit reports showing last payments about six years ago. They all have an expected date of removal about mid 2013. Are dormant accounts actually removed on these expected removal dates?

Yes, usually.

If it were me, I would obtain US Mail paper copies of my reports showing those removal dates.

Those dates have been known to change.

Also if the baddies still show after the removal date has come and gone, dispute them all.  Give 'outdated' as the reason.

A bankruptcy stays on the credit report for 7 years, right? I didn't try to get a bankruptcy for many reasons, but it seems to me that if the dormant unpaid accounts fall off after seven years, it's practically not much different than a bankruptcy.

Of course, unsecured consumer debt is typically wiped clean in a bankruptcy with no continued collection efforts, but collectors have not been much of an issue for me, so being concerned with collection efforts wasn't a factor in deciding to not declare bankruptcy. I'm curious to see what happens as the removal dates approach.

The Litigator:

--- Quote from: AISLE4 on May 15, 2012   08:14:28 PM ---A bankruptcy stays on the credit report for 7 years, right?

--- End quote ---

No, 10 years for BK's.


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