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This is based on the Original account being beyond the SOL.

Disputing the same account with a Credit reporting agency more then once,

The JD buyer verifies the account as in collections. Is each time the JDB reporting the same account

incorrect a new violation?

Are there multiple violations on the same account with each Reporting agency?

Can you prove they are reporting inaccurate information?

Litigious? Read this first,7215

.Can I prove it in a Court of Law to those standards? I'm not sure. I have the CRA own reports which state timeline, but that can't be admited.

I guess I'm more inteseted in puting together a package of facts against the JDB to show these are the mistakes that are being made.

 I would like to have enough of a claim against them where trying to fight me can possible cost them.

The other part is. I have been working with a good Lawyer for the past year. Each case he has taken has cost me X amount of dollars.

so far he has not dissapointed. I would just as much give the JDB the money to go away as I would give it to the Lawyer. As good as he

has been there are 100 bad. I finally realized all those lawyer jokes started for a real reason. That's another story.

It beginning to look like the Lawyer is going to get the money.

Why do you need a lawyer when you can do some research here and take care of it all yourself? 

Why do you think you can't fight them and win without a lawyer?

I have fought 3 cases in court and filed 7 Prose FDCPA lawsuits in Federal and I have nothing to complain about my experiences.  Did I do a lot of research on this site?  Yes

You need to rethink having a lawyer do all your work for you and advising other people the same way.

Have you read Chain of Custody in the JDB thread?

Did you know most of the time JDB can't prove you owe anything in court?

Have you read throwing your creditor out of court in the Arb section?

Why can't the CRA's be admitted as evidence?  A judge will have the last say about that and I would love to get that in front of a Jury.

I am currently working on FCRA cases myself.

Great question. I will try to make the answer short. When I first joined Debtorboards I had Judgements and all kinds off stuff on my CR's.

It was overwhelming. I thought I would give it a try by myself. As it turned out It was to much for me to deal with. After speaking with a few Lawyers I found someone who I thought was honest, if you can believe there is such a thing as a honest lawyer,

After talking to him and listening how much he new about his field and who he new, which was more important then anything. He could get more done with one phone call then I could in six months.

He was straight with me from the beginning, which cases he thought wouldn't be a problem if he new the lawyers and how they operated from past dealings, he told me. If he didn't have a clue who was who, he told me.

I am still not done with everything with him. Now another Collection popped up so I'm trying to figure out if I can do it
alone. If it was the only thing going on in my life my chances would be good, it's not.  I think it's great if someone could go
pro-se, I just haven't  done it.

I guess if it was easy everyone would do it. 


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