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Summons for Small Claims Court - Should I counter sue?


New Hampshire
Original creditor = Discover
Amount - my figure $2500 they say $3000
Stopped paying after lost job and Discover continued to pile on late fees and ramped up % when unable to make minimum payments - refused to work with me until back on my feet.  Still drastically underemployed.

Dec 22 2011 Received "flag" from Credit Reporting that Boudreau & Assoc from Salem NH pulled a hard credit
Googled and saw they're difficult to work with collection attorney.  B&B = F and St Atty Gen has a line of complaints on their website.
Dec 27 2011 Received "unknown" call on my cell at work.   I asked who was calling and was given name and Boudreau & Assoc.  When I asked for additional information (spelling of name & phone number) they hung up
Jan 2012 Sent letter requesting they remove their inquiry from credit report
April 2012 Received summons to small claims
April 2012 Sent letter requesting verification of debt and copy of their contract with Discover
May 2012 No calls, no letter, no response

I have until May 17 to let the court know if I "wish to be heard"
I will respond affirmative

Can I counter sue if:
Contacted by phone but not told the purpose of the call?
No letter within 5 days of call (no letter - ever)
No response to verification of debt request - 30 days to respond is up on Friday the 11th

Any Help Would Be Appreciated


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