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I'd like to present a situation that is not a credit issue, but is a consumer issue, regarding a car that we recently financed.

I was not happy with transaction in general, and posted a review of our experience on a website called Dealer Rater My review reads as follows:

"My husband and I, senior citizens on a limited budget, were taken advantage of in a number of ways. Oh yeah, everyone was friendly; then proceeded to use high-pressure sales tactics to jack up the contract price, hammering us for over an hour, using the "tag team" approach. I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. Although I doubt this posting will ever appear on this page, if it does, TAKE WARNING! We are very unhappy with the outcome of our disastrous purchase."

The posting appeared on the Dealer Rating website homepage and, at the time of this writing is still there - you may recognize the user name pattyinpine attached to the posting. However, it has been edited to read as follows:

"My husband and I went to this dealership to purchase a used 2008 Ford Focus. I was rather pleased with the car, and very happy we bought it for such a low price. I felt very welcome to the dealership. I would recommend this dealership for anyone who is looking for a great price on a car! Kudos to the Plan Nissan Suburu Dealership!"

Any comments?

Contact the owner of the page and see if they will fix it for you


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