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Credit Repair Companies?

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Nolo Press has a book on credit repai.  In the book they explain how credit repair companies are generally worthless, and can make things worse.

For example, the credit reporting agencies have the right to refuse to investigate disputes from credit repair companies, on the grounds that those disputes can all be considered frivilous.

In other words, they take your money, and you get nothing in return.

You may not have much time, but you pretty much HAVE to do this yourself.

Fighting Irish:
Go ahead and use the credit repair companies.

Just be prepared to need to learn new things, anyway, because they are, at best, incompetent. At worst, they are crooks.

It's your choice.

And, seriously, you are tired of learning new things?

That's not possible, you know. Brains thrive on challenge, and literally shrink in its absence.


--- Quote from: Fighting Irish on April 30, 2012   12:17:57 AM ---
That's not possible, you know. Brains thrive on challenge, and literally shrink in its absence.

--- End quote ---

If you stop learning, you die.

Take it from someone who hasn't died yet.

Perhaps this should be put another way.

Fixing one's credit takes a lot of hard work. 

It is understandable that there are many people who, lacking the time or the brainpower or, most likely, the confidence, to take on this task will look at credit repair companies. 

The idea being, trade a little extra $ in exchange for their time and expertise.

It would be great if that actually worked.

It doesn't.

Instead, the poor, abused consumer generally winds up in a bigger mess than before, after giving some hard earned money to the credit repair agencies. 


Not only is there no free lunch, but you can't even BUY a decent lunch.  You have to make it yourself.

The choices wind up:

A.  Do it yourself now.

B. Pay money to a credit repair agency, watch them mess up your situation even more while they take your money, and then spend even more time and money fixing the mess they made on top of the situation that already existed.

Nolo press has a good book on credit repair.  I forget the name of it, but you can find the book very easily.

The book explains, in great detail, why to avoid credit repair agencies.

It does mention there ARE a very few non-profit companies that will give credit counseling, but they are often lost amongst the scam artists.

Not only that, but the legitimate credit counseling services will make you do it yourself.

In other words, they will charge you $ to teach you what you can learn here for free.

Still no shortcut, no matter how you slice it.

Your desire to pay money for a shortcut is understandable, but it is that desire that fuels the scam artists.


--- Quote from: lovetocamp2 on April 29, 2012   03:14:23 AM ---I know it's true I can find the info on here and do it myself but after the last couple of years of fighting creditors (and winning) I'm sort of tired of learning new things.  I don't have much spare time and just thought if any of them do a good job I would be willing pay someone if I thought they could clean things up. A few of them offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Not a guarantee they can remove everything. I guess I'm just getting lazy in my old age.

--- End quote ---

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