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Credit Repair Companies?

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Thank you, I have began the process and appreciate all the comments.

Honestly, if you can navigate the court system efficiently, credit repair should be a cake walk.  :)

What exactly do we look for on the reports that are the best place to start?  I've been wanting to do this as well.

Every 3-6 months I go and check my credit report.

Any new company that hasn't been disputed in the past will get the full dose.

Companies that are listed but haven't contacted me also get a DV letter. It is better if you subscribe to a monthly credit report such as I have with a major bank. That way I get an email about current issues before they escalate.

If not, you can get 1 free report from each agency once a year. You can also get one free any time if you have been denied credit, or a number of other scenarios.


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