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Credit Repair Companies?

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Sorry, I guess I'm used to facebook where everything runs together even when you use line breaks.

You all convinced me to fight them myself for all the same reasons I fought creditors.

When I said I wasn't wanting to learn about credit repair I wasn't saying I didn't want to learn any new things. I spend everyday learning.

What gave you the impression that we were like Facebook? It is something that we try very hard NOT to be like.

We request that all reading our board take notice of that fact.

I didn't mean this forum was like facebook. I am just on FB a lot and got into that habit.



--- Quote from: lovetocamp2 on April 29, 2012   12:53:48 AM ---I have 20 derogatory listings on my report.
--- End quote ---
Dispute them all. 
You can do that's not that difficult.


--- Quote from: lovetocamp2 on April 29, 2012   12:53:48 AM ---I feel very confident with dealing with the debt collectors and have won in court each time they've filed suit, with things I've learned from this forum. Now I'm thinking it's time to begin cleaning up my credit report but I'm wondering if it would be easier to use a Credit Repair company and if so does anyone have a recommendation which company would be the best to use. I have 20 derogatory listings on my report.

--- End quote ---

There is absolutely nothing a  credit repair company can do for you that you cannot do for yourself - free of charge. In fact, most CRA's will dismiss any disputes filed by credit repair companies and refuse to deal with them. They cannot, by law, refuse to deal with you.

When I started my credit repair I did it all myself, then contacted a major (meaning the largest) credit repair company to see if they could get the last few stubborn TL's removed. They admitted to me that they could not do any more than I had already done.

DB gives you the tools to do it yourself - cheaper and better than any Credit Repair company.


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