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Transunion says I'm dead. Have not responded to my disputes

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--- Quote from: CosmoM on May 16, 2012   04:14:05 PM ---Thanks for the responses. I will be using the 1-2 Punch Method to dispute the tradelines on the Transunion report of which there are many.

Just like they say in The Shawshank Redemption - "Time and Pressure"


--- End quote ---
This has all the makings of a beautiful FCRA case IF, IF, IF, there is a solid gold paper trail.  I would do everything, (and I mean everything) via hard copy certified return receipt mail.  They should be able to fix this right away, but if they don't, there are quite a few enriching remedies to be explored.  My experience with TU is that they are the fastest to respond to disputes.

I'd send in a dispute to them explaining that I'm still alive.  I would include two different utility bills to my address of record.  I would not send in a photocopy of any id or passport.  I would ask them to respond within 30 days per FCRA.

If that didn't flush it out, I'd send a 2nd letter to TU's Registered Agent. 

This would be one occasion that I would be looking for a consumer attorney (preferably listed with NACA) to pursue significant damages.  Some of the biggest damages I've seen awarded to consumers come from crossed over identities by the bureaus.   The bureaus are supposed to have protocols in place for this, but they don't really care. 

File mixing is the #1 reason people win high dollar lawsuits against credit reporting agencies. After doing what you reasonably should to straighten them out you will have established their liability.

Once you have attempted to get credit (preferably on a basis where you try to simultaneously make a purchase which you don't wind up making because you were unable to obtain credit due to transunion's mistake), you will have damages.

It would be good to find out who in your area that has something you would like to have pulls TransUnion for instant credit purposes.

Have you threatened to haunt them until they bring you back to life?


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