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Need to know how to get a previously disputed TL deleated.

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I need to get a TL removed that I had previously disputed in the past.

I have just disputed it again and equifax replied that it is verified and shall remain and won't be re investigated unless I have new information to supply etc.

This TL is from a bank I have beaten.

Has anyone run into this type of situation before? 

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.


When you say "beaten", do you mean a DWP or a settlement?

Do you have proof that you disputed the TL previously?

If so, then this could be a handy dandy FCRA violation. 

Tell us about "beaten."  I love a good beating story.

Is Arb available?

The lawsuit was DWP in court , and went to arbitration and is now over.

I have not looked in my papers for the previous dispute but i am sure it is there as I remember disputing it in the past.

I need to get them to re investigate so when the bank does not reply back to them it will auto drop off my CR.

This wouldn't be a problem if i had not disputed it in the past.


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