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Where do I start?

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I have not been sued yet, but I'm expecting it at some point.
Yes, I borrowed money, and now cannot repay. Yes, I want to repay, but when I'm ready. Yes, I want to repay, but I want to know that I'm going to be treated fairly, and my account not going to be raped by collectors any way they wish.
Having said all that, I would like to know where to start. As I mentioned I have not been sued yet, and right now I am ignoring all phone calls and all correspondence from collectors. Is it the right way to go about it, or should I make some kind of contact with them? For the time being let's call "them" MXM.

Thanks in advance for any response

P.S. Let me also mentioned that I have been sued in the past by a large company (not credit) and I have represented myself and have settled on my terms, so I know "this and that" about the process even though it was mostly copy & paste.

Not talking to them on the phone is OK, but when you receive a dunning letter from a collection agency or JDB, I would send them a Dispute/Debt Validation letter.

By certified mail.

Doing so sets up your rights under the FDCPA.

Read and study FDCPA then FCRA later.

Fighting Irish:
Is this the right way to go about it?


You have 30 days to request validation, from the date that you receive a dunning letter. As noted above, send the DV within that time frame, and send it CMRRR.

If you are ignoring all calls, how can you tell if the caller is from an OC or a CA?

If they are from a CA, it's nearly a slam dunk that they are making statements that violate the FDCPA.

And, if you send that DV, and tell them that "all calls to all phone numbers are inconvenient", any call after that is a violation, no matter what they say.

It's great to be able to represent oneself, and avoid a credit card judgment. It's even better to be unafraid to interact with the CA, because you know the law, and can use it to protect yourself.

Thank you for your replays. Even more so that it seems I might have posted in the wrong section of the forums (if mod agrees, the please move it of course, at your discretion.)

As to the dunning letter. I think I missed out on the 30 day opportunity. Could I still do it and just pretend I didn't receive the letter (to my defense I didn't know about how important 30 days is)

Another question. What is very stirking on these forums is how everyone seems to be sure that "they" cannot validate the debt. How certain is that? What if they can do?


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