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Best way to get all 3 CRA reports regularly?

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I'm not here to promote a product, just tell you my experience. 

If you follow the dispute links (on your Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax reports--they have to be within 90 days) you can click the option to "print report".  Obviously, you are not going to dispute anything (I only recommend this option to check your reports for free).  You might not be able to do it on a daily basis, but I've done it with Experian a lot. 

As for the FICO, approximates the TransUnion FICO for free.  You just have to sign up for an account. 

Sweet Polly:
I negotiated with all 3 bureaus regarding their online memberships. I pay approx $7 a month at each bureau.

Find the best price that any of the bureaus are offering. The others will match it if you negotiate with them. The hardest part was to get a live person on the line.

You have full access to monitor, pull and print credit reports daily for no additional charge. You can receive alerts and notifications by email each time there is a change of any kind at any of the bureaus.

Keep in mind these are not hard copies. But you can always order a hard copy when needed. Following some of the strategy on the previous posts works for free hard copies.

I call this number 1 (877) 322-8228 and can order all three reports at the same time or just one at a time. It is an automated system.


--- Quote from: kevinmanheim on April 11, 2012   01:09:26 AM ---Both Experian and Equifax will let you pull your reports daily for free with a dispute confirmation #.

--- End quote ---

Good to know.  Does it cost anything to make a dispute? 

Do you dispute online or by mail?


--- Quote from: The Litigator on April 21, 2012   02:08:23 PM ---How does that work?

I keep disputing "personal info" via mail to get free hard copy reports.

--- End quote ---

I like this!

Can you explain though, how you dispute personal info via mail?  I want to try this.

The Litigator:

--- Quote from: AXXEL on June 16, 2012   02:32:36 PM ---I like this!

Can you explain though, how you dispute personal info via mail?  I want to try this.

--- End quote ---

I obtain my free annual report and look for anything listed under "personal information" that is inaccurate.

ie: phone numbers, address, jobs.


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