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Best way to get all 3 CRA reports regularly?

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A few years ago, TransUnion had a deal where you could log into their site and get reports from all three bureaus updated daily, with scores from all three, for $15.95/mo

After a year or so, they changed it so you could only get your TransUnion account updated daily, and the other two could be updated every 30 days at most.

I cancelled the service a while back, and have recently been wanting to resubscribe to something like that again.

But it seems like everybody is now only giving one report per bureau annually, plus their bureau once a month, without scores, for around $20/mo.  To get all three on a monthly basis, it seems you need $15 subscriptions to EACH bureau, and scores are extra.

And there are so many scammy-looking sites around that it's hard to know who to even trust -- including the CRA sites themselves!

I really don't want to have to spend $50/mo, but I'd like to know what's going on with my credit profiles at least quarterly, if not monthly.

Any suggestions?

Both Experian and Equifax will let you pull your reports daily for free with a dispute confirmation #.

Thanks, but I'm looking for a subscription that lets me pull all three reports at least monthly.

I don't have much to dispute.

The Litigator:

--- Quote from: kevinmanheim on April 11, 2012   01:09:26 AM ---Both Experian and Equifax will let you pull your reports daily for free with a dispute confirmation #.

--- End quote ---

How does that work?

I keep disputing "personal info" via mail to get free hard copy reports.

Did you ever find a good answer to this? I am looking to do the same. 

I have been looking at Lifelock as a combined answer as its around $15 a month but monitors the CRAs daily for changes, score each month (think its only for transunion) and as usual, the 3 free annual reports. Plus, in todays world, identity protection is a concern.

I like the idea of getting notified if ANYTHING changes. Not sure what exactly it tells me or if it just says something has changed.  Not really interested in spending 30-45 a month to have to order a report from each of the 3 bureaus.

What route did you end up going?


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