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Admin Knows Best, Believe It Or Not

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As a two year member and long-time student, I must say that what I have read lately on DB about Admin and some of the members troubles me greatly.

When I found DB, like most new arrivals, I was terribly desperate. I had no idea that I have rights. I had a Summons on my desk at the time I found DB.

From the moment of my first post, I was guided and provided with education beyond belief.

There is no doubt that it is hard work to learn the law, yet it is one of the better things I have done for myself in my lifetime. DB truly changed my life forever.

Mostly, I read these days rather than post as much as I did in the past. This is mostly due to the fact that I realize collectors read this board. There is a lawsuit in the works that I choose to keep quiet. Upon completion, DB will have a (hopefully) large donation and I will proudly post on the Wall Of Shame.

I see new members arrive, full of emotion, that do not want to research nor listen to seasoned members. DB has an incredible collection of knowledgeable members that never ceases to amaze me.

I see new members stroll in this forum arrogantly and it gets them nowhere.

Just from my personal experience, I would like to express my gratitude that DB exists and encourage new members to keep an open mind and do the same.

Admin is here for a reason and the grammatical corrections are only for the good of the members. Do you really believe Admin enjoys having to correct them? Any Admin action is for a good reason, they are not the enemy. In reality, they are the voice of reason and guidance.

As for our seasoned members, read and learn from them. They offer their knowledge and time freely. They are a valuable asset to this forum.

No, it is not a forum for warm fuzzy hugs (although I used to "hug" in my earlier days). It is a serious forum for serious learning.

Just my two pennies. However, when I receive a check for more than two pennies it is solely because of DB and a donation will be made.

Fighting Irish:
People will say what people will say, Lady Garner.

In any group of people, you are going to have those who think that they don't need to follow the rules, those who follow them without understanding why, and those who are grateful for what the rules teach them.

Occasionally, one or two of the first group becomes a member of the third.

I don't let the foolishness of the first group bother me.

I learn what I can, I ask questions that I think will glean the information I badly need when I need it, and I offer information when I think it will teach something.

Of all the lessons that one can learn here at DB, the very best is the lesson that it's possible to research and find information that is crucial to beating a collector.

On the other hand, for many that is the most painful lesson, because they are taught, from a young age, that they must let others do their work for them, and, along with that, that others will always be there to do it.

I understand that frustration with arrogant, entitled people. I know, though, that they will be the first to fail, unless they lose the entitledness, and gain the sense of accomplishment that only earning knowledge can give you.


Fighting Irish:
 :drinking: Indeed.

Very good post. I will never understand why people will spend 10 posts arguing about how unimportant their poor grammar and spelling is.


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