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Over the past week I have been constantly receiving calls from this phone number and it turns out they are a collections agency.
Anyone heard of these RPM?  They are based out of Lynnwood, Washington.

I called them back and they asked me for my name.  Like an idiot, I gave them my name and then they said they were looking for someone named "Jackie" and hung up.

But they keep calling and I keep telling them that I don't know who "Jackie" is and I've told them several times to drop me from their lists.  What I'm worried about is how they got my phone number in the first place?  I've called them back to ask them this question and they always hang up on me.

Should I be worried about this agency now that they have my first and last name?  I've done a google search on this agency and it brings me to sites like and Yelp where many people have experienced the same thing as me.

Do I have a good reason to report this firm to the Attorney General?  I guess I probably should if they keep calling me but even if they stop calling me I'm concerned about the damage they might have already done that I haven't realized like reporting me to the credit agencies.

And I check my credit regularly - so far, I haven't seen anything but who knows what might pop up in the future.


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Re: 240-210-7114 - Receivables Performance Management collection agency
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2012 05:21:01 AM »
Do you have any past due debts?

Do you know what protection FDCPA gives you?

If this was my issue I would tape all calls and ask for a name and address to send them a CEASE and DESIST order.


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Re: 240-210-7114 - Receivables Performance Management collection agency
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2012 08:11:40 AM »
Hi Plantofaaron!

RPM is a collection agency.  It is common for them to ask the name of the caller to see if it's the consumer they're calling for. 

Are you delinquent on any account?  Did you receive any letters from RPM? 

As far as you told us, they called for someone else.  Do you know that person?  If not, I'd call them back on a recorded line--give them your phone number, and tell them you don't know who they're calling for.  That it's the wrong number.  I'd ask for their address to send a certified letter to no longer contact you.  You could ask for their supervisor if they continue to hang up on you. 

They would violate the FDCPA/TCPA for further calling you.
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Re: 240-210-7114 - Receivables Performance Management collection agency
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2012 01:19:08 AM »
If they are calling your phone number and asking for "Jackie" and you are not "Jackie", the chances are that Jackie had your phone number before you did.
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Re: 240-210-7114 - Receivables Performance Management collection agency
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BTW:  they are already violating.

You are not Jackie.

You told them you are not Jackie.

They are the collection agency, not you, and it's not your job to prove to them that you are not someone who, well, you are not.

The CMRRR letter will just be an additional nail in their coffin.

But I'd make it an ITS, with the summons and complaint attached for telephone harassment.
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