Author Topic: can someone claim MULTIPLE Constitutional and civil rights violations Just aski?  (Read 1766 times)

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When you have a post you want to reply to, you can hit the "quote" button, and address the issues raised in that post.

Congratulations on putting those dogs to sleep.

If there are other hounds that are surrounding you, I'd recommend continuing to read the information here, and practicing writing with dispassion.

The goals of any collector are twofold. First, to get you rattled. That makes it easier to achieve their second goal: to separate you from your money.

Start opening letters, and if they are dunning letters, send DVs. Simple is best:

This debt is disputed. Send validation.

All calls to all phone numbers at all times are inconvenient.

I elect arbitration. (Unless you are dealing with Citi, they're a special case.)

My correct mailing address is:

Type your signature.

That will cause one of two outcomes.

They go away, and you never hear from them again OR they get aggressive, and you start collecting violations for your own lawsuit against them.

Dang it, Jim! I'm a nurse, not an attorney!

(The rest of you, keep that in mind, too.)


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Thank you so much!
To everybody here,  I cannot begin to thank you for all the information, feedback and honestly most importantly just being here.

I had elected ARB for two Cap1 - Hannah complaints one is in limbo, the small one.  The court clerk sees nothing on it. I do not have online access or even my listing as prose does not allow them to forward me anything as to case status. At best in person or on the phone the clerks often offer conflicting information and are error prone.

However the other,  the larger one complaint which I had just replied to an email from my Atlanta Arbitration contact about no word on a waiver from Cap1. I did the very next day get a regular mail dismissal without Prejudice. I had nothing to fight Cap1 with,  but Arbitration and won!

Thank you, a million times.

PS. I have truly very little, and two young ladies in 6the and 8the grade bad time to be broke. However one day we make a few dollars or pawned something ( nothing left to pawn) and I cannot help but remember those that offered anything in response to a post.
Even a lecture from you wise Mod's. So I donated what I could afford, please stay around you are all god sends, literally!


Big congratulations to you !

Nicely done.

I am not an attorney, just  type" A" personality.
If you need legal help, you should seek legal counsel.
My PM is turned off.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And congratulations.  :drinking: