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How to do Denial


I was served a Summons to answer in a civil action brought by the plaintiff.  The Lawyer representing the credit card co. does not have an office in my city.

The summons is only half of a page long and just states who, when and where and how much.

I went to the court house and ask to see what a denial looks like.

They gave me one page form where i put my name, case id, plaintiff.  Under that it says _____________, after having been first duly sworn states under oath that he does not owe the debt charged against him in this cause.  ____________

Is this the denial I am supposed to sign.  Do I add pages to it to tell them that I want the plaintiff to prove that I owe the money? 

Fighting Irish:
Who is suing you?

Do you know when the card was last paid?

Read the flyingifr method, and also read about throwing your creditor out of court in arbitration.

If all they said in the summons is "you owe us" an adequate denial would simply be "no, I don't"

The telephone can be the alleged debtor's crowbar, too.

Ask the debt collector: "Can I be arrested if I don't pay now?"

The debt collector may be uninformed enough to say "Yes!" and you have a good case under the FDCPA.

A good attorney could tear you apart on that argument in seconds.

Dirty hands!


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