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I had a phone mediation for a credit card lawsuit. During the conference I denied owing the alleged amount and the matter was supposed to be set for trial. Next thing I know I get a final Judgment against me in the mail.

I immediately motioned the courts, got my motion granted and reason stated for the granting was due to a clerical mistake. The Judgment is still being reported to the credit bureaus after me sending a letter to the attorneys office telling them to remove it (over 8 months ago).  Plaintiff’s attorney even sent me a letter (back in March) stating “now that a judgment is entered against you, you need to pay”.

I know plaintiff deliberately reported this to the credit bureaus. Does anyone think my rights were violated and if so what’s your opinion? Do you think I can pursue with a lawsuit or just don’t waste my time and just continue to harp at them to remove it.

Don't be so cock-sure that the creditor or his attorney posted the judgment on your credit report.

Most often, it is services like Lexis/Nexis that picks up the judgment (a public record) and forwards it to the CR. 

Yea, you have a case, but you don't yet know who is to be the plaintiff or the law under which you can seek  relief. Don't start swinging until you know who deserves being hit.

You need to do a lot more information gathering.

I just assumed it was the plaintiff (citibank) because I received a letter from the attorney stating now that a judgment is against me, I need to pay up.. That attorney knew good and well that the judge reversed that judgment which was granted by clerical mistake. By the way the lawsuit is still going on but they are not doing anything... only sending me letters to pay.

How do I find out for sure then who filed the judgment?

You continue to make accusations that you cannot substantiate.

Get hard copies of your credit report and go from there.

I do have hard copies and the judgment is there.


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