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Regarding grammar and posting standards. Thanks!


I just want to say a brief "Thank You!" to this forum, and its relentless pursuit of clear communication.

Surprisingly, I was banned from another forum for just asking and complaining about unclear and very poorly written posts.

At first I thought the admin was quite picky around here, but I have since learned that having no standards can create chaos. This actually turns help into hindrance, and personally increases my stress level and blood pressure.

So, keep up the good work, and thanks for the help and discussion on Debtorboards!

Great Job DB!


I am honored to have been a member for the past two years. I have learned much and am, hopefully, about to benefit greatly from all that I have learned from the wonderful members here.

When Admin admonishes for grammar, format, layout or spelling. It is, believe it or not, for the benefit of the members.

It will make you stronger. It will make you wiser and more attentive to what the law requires.

It will help you win in court.

Many sincere thanks.


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