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Citibank Robo-signings, fraudulent affidavits, a MUST READ

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If you have a case against you from Citibank, with an affidavit signed by the affiant Shayna Gier, you are in luck.  If not, there is still much to be gleaned from her story.  It seems Shayna (an aspiring writer on the side) has a number of web postings that form an online diary of sorts.  She also has a Facebook page.  She works for Citicorp Credit Services Inc. (USA), or CCSI, the credit card servicing arm of Citibank. and takes the time to vent about her job and provide considerable description online for what that job entails.

First, Shayna describes how CCSI imposes a quota on each employee responsible for signing affidavits which attest to their personal knowledge of your individual case. 

That quota is 32 affidavits per hour, which is almost 300 per day per employee or one every minute forty seconds.  To account for backlog, in some months the quota is doubled. 

If she fails to make quota, she gets neither overtime nor a pay raise.  Her evaluations are on a 5-point scale, with a score of 4 or 5 resulting in dismissal.  Her boss is always pushing her on making quota.

Shayna's group sits around a large table and "verifies" the account, fills out the boilerplate affidavit, and notarizes each one every minute forty seconds.  Despite what the affidavit says, this is her only job.  As you might suspect, there's no real "personal knowledge" derived in that short time period.  Therefore, she is committing perjury by signing the affidavit.  And CCSI is committing fraud by setting up and enforcing such a system of robo-signing.

Second, I have personally reviewed over 150 affidavits signed by Shayna and her group, and compared the notary signatures on all of them.  I found it interesting that the same notary signature in many instances had a different handwriting, and there was a correlation between notary signature and specific affiant.  It has led me to speculate that some instances, each affiant may sign both, forging the notary's signature.  One notary, Betty J. Schreiner, is the most obvious example.

I will qualify everything as my personal opinion, based on considerable research.  I can say it has already helped in one case that just resulted in a dismissal with prejudice.  If you have a case where this information may impact you, I have kept a file in anticipation of turning it over to the Missouri Attorney General and Secretary of State. 

At the very least, research your affiant and notary.  Most affidavits are fiction, and with a little research, you can have them struck down.

Lots of non-kosher things happen in the Jacksonville CCSI offices, in my opinion.

That may be true, Kevin.  This is out of the Kansas City office of CCSI.  I have little doubt that it is a company-wide policy, since Citi Mortgage has been caught doing essentially the same thing with their fake mortgage robo-signings.

This might be very useful to me.  In response to my VOD, I got an affidavit from the Kansas City office of CCSI.  Let me dig it up...

Okay, here: affidavit signed by Marianne Davis, with a Notary Public of Betty Schreiner.

I did a search a while back and couldn't find anything on the affiant.  How would you recommend doing research?

Seems like we should set up a site where we can all upload these signatures and compare them, so we can have proof they are robo-signers.

" Delores Wageman " is another frequent robo-signer, I found her name as affiant in many civil cases.

Also has a face book account, but does not have information regarding  her Citicorp job as a rob-signer.

It would be valuable to members if you post a link to the blog, so we can all become knowledgeable on CCSI  robo-signers job description.


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