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This post is about a JDB that was rather "quiet".  Until they opened up a branch office in the Buffalo, NY, area.  Now, they seem to be getting rather "busy", as a poster on this site has found out:

The JDB?  Creditors' Financial Group (CFG).  Not a heck of a lot about them...yet.

Their location information:

Creditors Financial Group
3131 S. Vaughn Way, #110
Aurora, CO 80014

Web site:

And, their branch office:

10 Hazelwood Dr Ste 110
Amherst, NY 14228-2223

The "Who Called Me" database at "Telemarketing FAQ" has another number for them:

"877-298-2251", "Creditors Financial Group", "3131 South Vaughn Way\, Suite 110\, Aurora\, CO 80014", "", "Collections", "888-298-7107"

Let's let them tell you something about themselves:

All about CFG

Company History

Creditors Financial Group was founded in 1997 by Charles C. Nail and Henry Swayze with a staff of 5 employees located in a small office in Aurora, Colorado.  Since then, Creditors Financial Group has grown to become one of the top 75 largest collection agencies in the nation, with over $500 million in account placements.  Creditors Financial Group offers recovery solutions to numerous clients, with an emphasis on the Credit Card, Private Label, Auto Financial and Banking industries.
With our corporate facility in Aurora, Colorado and a management team with over seventy five years of combined collection experience, Creditors Financial Group is well versed in the collection methods and techniques that produce results.  Click here for more information. 

                                What Creditors Financial Group Can Offer You

A Client Sensitive approach towards collections
Quality collection associates to handle your front line phone calls
Dedicated Client Relations Department to handle all your day-to-day needs and inquiries
Extensive training environment for new hires
The latest and most widely recognized collection software available on a state-of-the-art computer platform
Dedicated Systems personnel with the ability to create customized reports
Tested disaster recovery plan
Licensed and Bonded in all 50 states
Strict adherence to all Federal, State and Local regulations regarding collections, including FDCPA, FCRA and Graham-Leach-Bliley
Services Available: Early-out, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quad placements on a contingency or flat fee basis
Member of the American Collectors Association
An Equal Opportunity Employer

Or, is it "Equal Opportunity Harrassment" that CFG provides?

Ah... the usual claims of high-tech capability, highly-trained staff and full compliance with all applicable laws.  Collectors of accounts from "soup to..."

Debt Connection does confirm that they are a CA, anyway:

Creditors Financial Group, LLC     

Well, for those who must deal with CFG, "nuts" may be how the collectors go to get the "dough". 

Bud Hibbs has certainly made them a "two black hole "star" agency":

This was a low-profile collection bottom-feeder agency UNTIL they opened an office in Buffalo, NY which is home to the MOST disgusting, unprofessional, under-trained and illiterate debt collectors in America. Apparently CFG owner; Henry Swayze wanted to take advantage of the cheap labor, and high unemployment that Buffalo offers to the sleazy side of the collection industry.

<<snip>> One such Buffalo collector using the name of “Investigator Shaw” at ext.#218 wants you to believe that he (an uneducated collector of debts) has the AUTHORITY to file a lawsuit against you, initiate a wage garnishment (even in states where they are prohibited) and file a lien against your property. This is all done in the name of a scavenger debt buyer who pays pennies on the dollar for a (mostly) worthless account that ONLY a bottom-feeder could get excited over.

“Investigator Shaw” wants you to believe he is able to take immediate actions against you until/unless monies are sent immediately to him. His illegal debt collection practices identically reflect the slimy Buffalo debt collectors that work at such disgusting locales as Lenahan Law Offices, Giove Law Offices, Collins Law Offices and Account Management Services.

Apparently owner Henry Swayze and Buffalo CEO Charles C. Nail are more interested in lining their pockets at the expense of unsuspecting consumers than following federal laws as “Investigator Shaw” broke near all of them.

My advice; Stay far away from this sleazy organization of collection agency rejects, losers and potential future prison inmates. Experience shows that they cannot/will not EVER file litigation because they are incapable of meeting even the most basic requirements of debt validation. If you are unfortunate enough to ever receive a call from “Investigator Shaw” just laugh at him because he is too STUPID to understand anything beyond DUH! <<snip>>

Oh, oh!  Another page from the "'Officer Pompey' Book of Debt Collection Techniques".  Indeed, some unfortunates who have dealt with them let Bud Hibbs' "Consumer Comments' file get some new entries:

Email: <withheld>
Agency Name: Creditors Financial Group
Location: Sevierville, TN
Date: January 4, 2006


I have been contacted several times for what I do not know. These people have asked for my sister who is retired and living in another state. Neither of us have any unpaid or late debt. I was hung up on twice today by their reps who where misleading and liars to say the least. They claim to have found my information via public record... How I ask, they said not to worry and where very rude. After two hang-ups and several harassing phone calls , I spoke to a supervisor who said I should not have ever been contacted and asked that I relay the info to my sister. However with the way they spoke to me someone should take these people to court for many violations of the Federal laws that protect us, they do not adhere to these laws ,, watch out they are liars. I want to know who sells them their debt so I can discontinue business with these companies.. There is no excuse ..

That's great...make your unwilling customers so angry at you they'd actually threaten to stop doing business with your clients (and sources of your portfolios!).

Among the disgusted correspondents is this FORMER COLLECTOR for this loser of an agency:
Email: <withheld>
Agency Name: Creditors Financial Group
Location: Sevierville, TN
Date: 10-18-2005

Dear Mr.Hibbs,

I am a bill collector, or was until today. It seems I became so interested in what your website had to say about the collection agency I worked for that it got me fired. Last night I came across your info on my employer, Creditors
Financial Group. I was so amused by the info on "Investigator "Shaw I thought he might enjoy it. So I printed the information as provided on your website and brought it to work with me. A few co-workers and I read it over and
chuckled, never thinking anything of it.

Today I made my way to work, early mind you as I had some skip tracing to catch up on, and set to attempting to collect debts on behalf of the client (MBNA) to which I had been assigned. About mid afternoon I was taken into a conference room by the V.P. of collections Keith Oehler and his assistant V.P. Mike Porth as well as my supervisor and director of that particular client Mark Lavin and terminated. They said my employment was terminated due to lack of productivity. I will admit my production had been somewhat lacking lately due to my refusal to be an "investigator" or lie about being an attorney. It seems that everyone in that office lies and misrepresents themselves every time they get a debtor on the phone so by the time I call and they haven't been "served by a uniformed officer" after they were last threatened I don't end up with a lot of credibility. It just seems wrong to me that instead of going back to work tomorrow i have to seek new employment, meanwhile, "Investigator" Shaw remains securely employed after violating so many federal laws on a daily basis he has lost count.

I wish to assure you Mr. Hibbs I have been in collections for many years, and worked for several of the agencies on your list, I am not crying wolf, a collection agency doesn't create a vacancy on a file on the 10th of the month due to productivity.  My termination was directly related to the copy of the information I printed from your website, this is no coincidence. I just thought you might find this interesting. Well thanks for taking the time to read my sob story, feel free to contact me if you would like further details. Oh by the way I can now verify beyond a doubt that Charles Nail has read your opinion of C.F.G.,and he dont likey.  yours, anonymous bill collector

Staff response:  Sometimes when you shine a light into a dark place, the rats get nervous...

If you have "talk-offs" affidavits, training pages, documents or anything else showing where CFG is violating the law, please get in touch with us.

Note the bolded section:  This collector was fired because they refused to lie and break the law.  Meanwhile, "Investigator" Shaw violates the law so many times even HE cannot remember just how often he has done it!

Nice, huh?  >:(

I guess that Bud Hibbs' Staff has it right...the "rats" ARE getting rather nervous.
“This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice."
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Re: Creditors' Financial Group: CA/JDB of the "Officer Pompey" school.
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What is it about these rustbelt cities drawing the worst of the vermin?

I remember a glowing article about a growing CA/JDB that hired criminals . . . I'm sure someone sees them as godsends.


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Re: Creditors' Financial Group: CA/JDB of the "Officer Pompey" school.
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What is it about these rustbelt cities drawing the worst of the vermin?

I remember a glowing article about a growing CA/JDB that hired criminals . . . I'm sure someone sees them as godsends.

I think it was Chicago.