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Let's face it    sometimes being nice doesn't get any results in the world of credit repair.

Eight years ago I was hospitalized for three months    ran up a quarter million dollars in medical costs (over and above my insurance) and my income plummeted from $100   000 per year to zero as my business evaporated and my wife lost her job. All in 3 months.

Not one of my creditors would cut me any slack. My mortgage company insisted on foreclosing - they even refused a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. All other creditors refused any settlements and started suit. I was forced into Bankruptcy as I lost my business    my wife her job    we lost our home and our credit.

Six years later the bank where I had our checking account turned us down for a SECURED credit card. That was the last straw    and I decided to start repairing our credit. My tactics went from merely asking for deletions to disputing trade lines with CRA's to more aggressive tactics - suing my way to good credit.

I am starting this board for all people who deserve a second chance but the credit industry feels should be kicked even more when they are down. I will be periodically posting things here that I have done and tried    showing both my successes and failures. BUT    the bottom line is this - my FICO has improved dramatically in a very short time. What I did is not for everyone    but at times I wish it was. Guts and Courage win wars    and repairing your credit is a war.

The basic strategy is simple - first dispute    dispute and dispute again. They can verify it a dozen times    the first time they DON'T verify it    off it comes. If disputing doesn't get it off (and there are times when a truly erroneous item just gets verified to ) then you need a different way of getting their attention - the Ancient Western form of self-defense called "I - sue" - using the laws as both a sword and as a shield.

Credit Repair lawsuits serve two purposes - and the purpose is often determined by whether the debt is still legally collectable or not    bit there are other considerations - like the amount of the debt and the egregiousness of any violations.If the other side sues first    then use the legal process to help them decide to settle by making their costs of suing you far exceed whatever they may be able to recover from you even if they win in Court. In this respect    you use the law as a shield.

If the debt is not legally collectable    or the other side for some reason has chosen not to file a lawsuit    then lawsuits can be used as a way of getting the items removed from your credit file by creating a situation where the other side has to spend a lot of money on lawyers with absolutely NO HOPE of recovering any of it from you. It becomes a case of either make you happy by deleting or throw lots of good money after the bad. In this instance you use the law as a sword.

Keep in mind that my posts are from my experiences - not just as a debtor    but in past life (meaning in my earlier years) as both a Bill Collector AND as a Credit Counselor.

As of this writing I can safely say that the Flyingifr Method of Aggressive Credit repair works. It was originally posted on Credit Net ( ) as a series of posts. From Creditnet I went to ArtofCredit ( ) where the Method was refined and brought together as a cohesive group of posts. From ArtofCredit I brought it here    where I hope it will help YOU recover from financial disaster.

How do I know it works? Simple - I used it before I wrote about it. In 2 years my FICO score went from 465 to 765. My credit went from being refused the ability to borrow my own money through a Secured credit card to $24   000 in unsecured lines    a 4.5% fixed rate mortgage    two car loans at 6% or less (both paid off now) and the bank that wouldn't give me a secured card has given me an UNSECURED card with a $10   000 line and all the perks they offer - miles    no fees    no overlimit fees    etc... and a loan to purchase an airplane!!!!

I have recieved many emails from people (over 175 so far) saying they used the Method and it worked for them    too.

Finally    I would like to thank some people who helped me while I was learning credit repair and who gave me support    inspiration and guidance when I needed it the most:

Christine Baker ( ) started me on the road to credit repair with her now-ended CreditCourt board - showing me that I could fight back and how.

Psychdoc at Creditnet and ArtofCredit gave me insight into the thinking processes I would be going up against.

At ArtofCredit I would have trouble listing all the people whose posts I have relied on - Tower Rat for his keen legal research    JLynn for her ascerbic way of looking at problems    Czar for his insight into some of my more intricate posts and many others too numerous to mention. AoC is littered with people who have both contributed to the Flyingifr Method and have benefitted from it. I recommend AoC highly as an additional resource to what is here.

In the deep background is a subscriber at America-Online who showed me that litigation was the way to go - he has had many names on AOL - I remember NonLawyer and Settle-or-Defend as his two most prolific.

The last dedication for the Method goes to George Belden    whose ground-breaking book Strategies for the Harassed Bill Payer (Grossett & Dunlap - 1974) esentially started the concept of harassed debtors fighting back. His book    written before FCRA and FDCPA    gave ideas on how to stall the aggressive collector and how to prioritize ones debts. Thirty years later we have an even more aggressive creditor mindset    and while Strategies has been made outdated by laws and events over time    the essential message - you do not have to roll over and be walked on - is an eternal one that is the cornerstone of the Flyingifr Method.

Finally    I must thank Sherman Acquisitions. Their placing their TL on my credit file and driving my score down 45 points overnight to its all time low of 465 gave me my first target    my first victory    my first taste of blood and my first $1000.00 check. Thanks a lot to all of you for helping create Flyingifr and the Flyingifr Method.   
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BTW-the Flyingifr Method does work. (quoted from Hannah on Infinite Credit, September 19, 2006)

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