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The Flyingifr Method of Aggressive Credit Repair
« on: October 24, 2008 09:44:43 AM »
The Flyingifr Method of Aggressive Credit Repair

First, Understanding how the Flyingifr method has evolved:

     Why the Flyingifr Method?

     Litigious? Read this first,7215

Understanding the Ground Rules

     The Statute of Limitations:,7220.0.html


     Junk Debt Buyers and the Chain of Custody:

     If they refuse to accept mail from you (the Willful Blindness Rule),7441.msg53243.html#msg53243
     United States v Jewell, see post #11 in this thread

    Wage Garnishment Laws by State,11451.0.html

Links to the Laws:


     FCRA Staff Opinion Letters:


     FDCPA Staff Opinion Letters:


     Lectric Law Library:

Understanding the Enemy:

     The OC's Collection Department:

     Understanding the Collection Agency:

     Understanding the Junk Debt Buyer:,4.0.html

     They Have an Attorney - now the FUN starts:,7216.msg17.html#msg17
     In a Hurry to Settle? Read this:,7217.msg18.html#msg18

     Dealing with Payday Loan Companies:
            See also:,6769.0.html

     Frustrating the Skip Tracer

Protecting Your A$$-ets

     Making Yourself Judgment Proof:

     Protecting your Bank Account:

     Scaring Away Repossessors:

     What Creditors CANNOT Take:,18538.0/topicseen.html

     Debtors' Exams:,18540.0.html

The Statutes of Limitations (on Suits and Judgments)
     This is from an outside source and is one of the best discussions of SOL I have seen with the best links:

     Another good site for SOL information:

     Understanding the Statute of Limitations:,7220.0.html

Their Lies and Obfuscations (and the truth to debunk them):

     Chaudhry v Gallerizzo:,7213,4202.0.html

     A JDB is NOT a CA - it is a Factoring Company:

     A Pay For Delete is Illegal:

     Pay for Delete violates the contract with the CRA:

     Letters that have worked for me:

     ITS - No mIni-Miranda:

Sample Pleadings: (note please: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.)

Other Stuff

     Can I tape Record a call without the other side knowing?

     I think I'm in over my head    Where can I find an attorney? (no longer working)

Ways to Strike Back

     Sue the Collector personally (and his spouse under certain circumstances).
     I did not start this thread but it has some very interesting ideas.
     Note that these ideas are to my knowledge, untried - but they may be worthwhile trying at some time.,3378.0.html

Does the Flyingifr Method work? (note that with the demise of AoC    these links no longer work.)

   Copyright, 2007

[11/28/11: Edited to add "What Creditors CANNOT Take" and "Debtors' Exams" at Flyingifr's request.]

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BTW-the Flyingifr Method does work. (quoted from Hannah on Infinite Credit, September 19, 2006)

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