Author Topic: Lawyer representing out of State Credit Card company  (Read 2005 times)

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Lawyer representing out of State Credit Card company
« on: July 19, 2008 09:12:31 PM »
Hello folks, newbie Xlinx5 here.

I have a situation with a credit card company that is in Arkansas, i reside in Nevada. Back in May I sent them a standard novation package with the $25 dollar check. They never cashed the check and BEFORE the 30 days after receipt by them was up I received a letter from a law firm in Las Vegas. I sent them a polite letter back asking for validation and telling them that their client had dishonored my affidavit and had not responded within 30 days with validation of the debt. Today I got a letter from the law firm with my original application, an AMMENDED contract a statement that shows new transactions (I have not used this account in over a year) and a copy of my check. The letter says that their policy is to  not accept anything other than the minimun payment. The law firm claims to be "representing" the CC company.

From what I can tell I am anticipating a lawsuit out of this in the near future. I have spent time in court here watching the judges. They seem to accept as prima facia the statement of anyone who will swear out an affidavit stating that the debtor owes the debt.

so my question is - what do i do next (do not see any previous discussions of this type of situation) and how do I start building case law defusing the _authenicated debt" problem in court. This would happen in Justice Court due to the amount and the Judges are really JP's and are not very good at real litigation from my observations.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!!