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Re: ACA Complaint Forms and Procedure
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I once used the Ameerican Collectors Association International (ACA) complaint procedure.

I debt collector contacted me after I had sent a letter requesting a verification of the debt under the Fair Debt Collection Practions Act of 1977 (FDCPA).

I had to agree not to go to court if I used their complaint procedure!

The space on their form to write my complaint was so small I had to attach a sheet and put in the space: "Refer to attached."

I sent a request for the names of the individuals appointed to the panel ruling on my complaint and was told that information was "not available."[/u]
How was I to know the very debt collector I was complaining about was not on the panel?

After I filed my coimpolaint I was telephoned by an attorney in Silver Springs, Maryland. My roommate answered the telephone and handed the telephone to me stating: "It's someone calling about a "complaint" you made."

I told the caller my privacy had been violated as my roommate will ask me about the complaint and said I preferred to everything in writing. The individual said: "Every complainant had to be spoken to. It was part of the ACA procedure."

Everything the caller asked me had been put in my written complaint. There was no purpose to the call.

I then "googled" the caller and found t;he individual, an attorney, also belonged to something like the "Association of Privacy Professionals," in Bangor, Maine, and had been haa been given an award by them!

The panel said the violation had been "accidental and inadvertent" and my complaint was dismissed.

I appealed the decision - the appeal is heard by the same panel - pointing out that inadvertence or mistake is not a defense to a violation of the FDCPA, which is a strict liability statute.

My appeal was denied.

The CA process permitted permitted a further appeal - which would be heard by an outside attorney.

By that time I had devoted so much time to the matter I just dropped it.

ACA is quite secretive. At that time - several years ago - one couldn't even find out their board members andexecutive officers - this data available only to members. Later their CEO testified before a Congressional committee and a photo of her was in the N Y TIMES.


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Re: ACA Complaint Forms and Procedure
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Thank you for the war story and the zombie thread resurrection.

Sounds like the ACA Complaint Forms and Procedure Protocol

was recommended and endorsed by President Richard Milhouse Nixon. 1214