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Shiek Yabuty

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« on: August 10, 2007 04:38:46 AM » 

Gives you a FREE local phone number to receive voicemail on.  You can listen to your voicemail online, or by calling your voicemail number.

Up to 10,000 messages can be saved, and no time limit on how long.

Great tool to use when dealing with collectors, they leave you a VM and if you want to call back, you do it when YOU are ready (and have your recorder on)
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The service stopped working in February 2008 (because I had an account), a similar service is, they are based in Washington (State), they give you a voice mail number/fax number.  They allow up to 20 messages stored on their website, they automatically send you the message (voice mail or fax) to your email, you can't check them on the phone.  You get 202 area code, but at least it's free & the messages do go to your email.
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