Author Topic: Need help with answer on summons for Medical debt  (Read 1883 times)

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Re: Need help with answer on summons for Medical debt
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I think that we have given you advice as to how, legally, this matter will be viewed.  You are perfectly at liberty to allow the law to take its course, whatever that may end up being.

We cannot demand for you that your insurance company pay off.  But we can suggest to you that a well-crafted letter to your insurance company challenging their decision and pointing out the discrepancies in how things were covered might get more attention than you are currently receiving.

There is another issue that you need to research:  What changes in the policy occurred between the first time you were billed for a CT scan and the current instance.

Note with the adoption of the Obamacare rules in 2014, there were massive changes to how things were covered.  Your deductibles were different, your maximum benefits were changed, "networks' were defined differently.  All of those could have resulted in the reduction of coverage for expensive CT scans...

You have a lot of research to do to prove-up your case that the insurance company should be on the hook.  And with their current position of denial of your claim, the onus is going to be on you to convince them that they have made an error and to accept that they should be offering more in the way of coverage.

And I go back to something that I brought up when you first posted...All of those papers you signed before the emergency room took on the job of treating the patient...YOU AGREED TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CHARGES NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE.

That agreement put a big fat target on your wallet.  And, no, neither the insurance company or the hospital is going to be of much help in proving that your wallet isn't in the hospital's sights.


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Re: Need help with answer on summons for Medical debt
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Why this is an issue

they charged me 322.50 for a CT scan on this date

they charged me 11,500 for a CT scan on this date

on the same insurance plan  - IN NETWORK which says right on the bill (SEE THE PROBLEM HERE)

This website is for helping people and to get advice, not to assume 11181986 please be positive.

I apologize, I had to make inferences -- you did a really poor job at explaining your situation. Reread the OP to yourself, and tell yourself if a random third person with zero inside knowledge read that to themselves, would they have any idea at what you are talking about?