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Credit Repair
« on: April 13, 2017 07:27:56 PM »
Hello!  I have been working on my credit report and getting things squared away.  I have paid most my debt off (CC) and such.

I have 11 derogatory items on my report. 

1 is a bankruptcy.    It was discharged 1/2008.   That should fall off in January.

5 are late payments. 

Capital One, once  12/16/16  (switched banks and somehow missed this in switching auto pay) only late

Victoria Secret, once 12/12/16, same as above

Barclay bank, once 11/27/16,  switched banks and this bounced in the switch

NO Excuse for being late on the above three, other then I missed them at the crazy holiday time.  Do you think I would have a chance with a good will letter?
Is there a data base to see who to send it to?

ALLY FINCL     30 days late  6/6/14.... divorce situation and I was co-signer    - Loan paid off

WFDS   - no idea what this is, assuming its from above, as thats when <Removed> went down   12/6/13

I have 5 collection/charge off---- these were all from the <Removed> divorce.  They were all reported in 2014, and magically re-aged and reported 3/2017.

2 from Midland ($434 and $609)
2 from SWS credit ($404 and $151)
1 from Portfolio that was $1650, I filed a motion to rule absolute on this,  hoping this will help remove it.  Also, since I invoked rights and asked for contractural arbitration, I filed, they never did.. and they re-aged the account, is this a Violation too?

What is my best strategy to help this:

Goodwill letters for the lates?
Negotiate with the charge offs to get them removed?
Wait for Portfolio to remove?

Thank you!
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Re: Credit Repair
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017 08:58:01 PM »
Always start with disputing. Do you have a hard copies of each of your reports?