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Received Summons Now What?
« on: June 14, 2017 06:51:30 AM »
Today I was served a summons  Cach LLC (plaintiff)  vs  Me (defendant)    there is no Case No on the filing ( did they actually not file?)

The short of the story:

I live in Oregon

June 2015  I took a personal loan thru Avant (Webbank) a PEER to PEER lender for 25,000

June 2016  I had to stop making payments.

Oct 2016  sold to Cach LLC    Carge off detail:   total 26,151 / 22,931 principal  and  3,220 outstanding interest.

Freshview attempted collection

May 2017  sent to Mandarich Law Group LLP for authorization to file suit.

June 2017  was served a summons / complaint from from Mandarich representing Cach LLC

I have been reading this forum a lot. but legal is not my thing.  Please Let me know if Im on the right track. or right forum

1. They actually have not filed suit because there is no case number?

2. File a  Demand for Arbitration Form with JAMS (and send a copy to Mandarich) stating Cach LLC to pay for all ARB fees/costs and submit for all records: proof of original loan documents and the purchase of the note, and all collection attempt records.   I am sure they used auto-dialers to call me and called my family members more than once ( although I do not have my own proof of this)

3. I should "answer" the summons / complaint  within the 30 days and state I have set a motion for Arbitration via JAMS

4. Is this something I can do myself or are my odds better if I hire legal representation? if so who would you recommend in Oregon

Am I on the right track, any input is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Received Summons Now What?
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2017 07:39:26 AM »
I just re-posted this in the  Arbitration  forum  I believe thats the right place for it