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It is a little more than a week since Mr. Peck, CEO of TransUnion received the FedEx from me containing copies of the  documents I received from the fake "TransUnion LLC".

You request, Splish-Splash, does not rise to the level of requiring the resources of an emergency response team.  Indeed, I would suggest that CEO Peck passed it off to his Administrative Assistant who, in turn has passed it on down the line to someone else who has passed or in the process of passing it to someone even further down the line.

As a matter of fact, I doubt seriously that Mr. Peck actually READ your letter.  I would expect that the AA just passed it down the line as is the usual procedure for "nut case" letters coming into such offices.  Indeed, I would expect that it got passed to the Office of Corporate Counsel, and it is proceeding at pace with all of the other whacko letters that they receive.

And, if you have ever done anything in the legal world, you would know that such matters work at their own tempos, basically with a three-to-six week response time or shunted into the warehouse where the Lost Arc is now residing.


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As for BellEButton:  I am the recipient of the mean and bully posts.  I will interpret it as I get it!  I will not be distracted from the topic at hand.  It is what it is.  Again, feel free not to indulge in what you guys call a "waste of our time".  I started this thread.  You don't need to participate.

You can repeat ""TransUnion LLC" is an illegal, fake, fraudulent company that corresponded with me via the United States postal service" as many times as you please but, so far, it means nothing. The title of your thread even indicates that your "concern" is based upon your opinion and alleged fear.  You have failed to show that the lack of registration for "TransUnion LLC" matters in any way.  If you sent your request to the proper address, you shouldn't be worried.

However, the fact that you sent your request and money order payment directly to the CEO of TU and your refusal to take the simplest steps to resolve the issue speaks volumes.   Again, sending your request and money order directly to Mr. Peck (your words) was improper procedure.  You either cannot follow instructions or you deem yourself to be of such importance that instructions don't apply to you.

It appears that you crave attention and approval, and when your desired response is not provided, you resort to crying "bully".   Your narcissism is showing.

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Thank you Bruno.  I started this thread.  I am here, like it or not!  You and the other TransUnion trolls lament that this is a "waste of our time", yet you can't seem to leave me alone.   Again, you don't have to talk with me. 

You gave away the group's intent which is to bully me out of the forum!   :vbrofl: That will not happen!  I will leave on my own terms not as a result of bullying.

This emoji that was repeated in mean posts to me which is violent in and of itself,  simply because I voiced my opinion and experience can easily be interpreted as bullying...1215 1215 1215 1215

Anyway, let's not get away from the topic at hand....."TransUnion LLC" is not the same entity as "Trans Union LLC".   "TransUnion LLC" is not registered in PA.  "TransUnion LLC" is not a "consumer reporting agency" as the term is defined in the FCRA.

You are here as a guest, not as a right. You are subject to removal by admin at any time. If you persist on wasting our time, that may happen. The little cartoon refers to beating a dead horse. Which part of the horse you are is becoming more apparent each day.
I am not an attorney. Any information I post is strictly my opinion and should be treated as such.


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Thank you Bruno for clearing the dead horse emoji bit up!. 

On another note, when last I checked I was a "valued member" not a "guest".  I have been a member of this Board since about 2005.  And I am quite aware that the admin can pull the plug at any time.  If I am forcefully removed to silence my opinions and experiences then so be it.  However, the actions of this Board will never silence me!

If you consider my postings a "waste of our time" then simply ignore me and continue contributing to other threads.

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It is only a waste of our time when a poster asks the same questions over and over again expecting a different answer. Our responses are based on experience and legal education. At the risk of sounding braggadocios, we are rarely wrong; when one of us makes a mistake another member usually steps in and corrects us.

So far I don't see one poster who agrees with you. We told you what to do and what your options are; you may do as you wish. So far, it doesn't seem like you've done anything.
I am not an attorney. Any information I post is strictly my opinion and should be treated as such.


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Mental illness is real.

I would advise the OP to seek counseling.  Now.  I am not joking.  Trying to come up with fake companies conspiring with random posters on the internet is a clear sign of mental illness.

This isn't even the first delusional TU problem for this poster:,29900.msg289250.html#msg289250

Back in May apparently the OP was able to order and pay for their actual TU file with no issues but their complaint then was that the account numbers were scrambled and therefore it was identity theft.

Now it is there is a "fake" TU company sending them reports.  My guess is that they demanded reports without scrambled account numbers and that the CEO's office has summarily ignored the nutcase demands.

There is no "fake" TU it is likely nothing more than a spacing error and TU has probably decided the OP is not worth dealing with anymore.  As we should as well.
Be VERY careful following advice from the internet! What worked for someone with thousands of posts on a message board may not work for YOU in your state.  Consult a lawyer when ever possible.


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Further to my opening post, I shared more information and repeatedly explained that I made payments to TransUnion and Trans Union LLC.  Let's be clear that "Trans Union LLC" is a subsidiary of TransUnion with principal executive office in Chicago, IL.  And TransUnion TU service mark is owned by Trans Union LLC with same office address in Chicago, IL.

Trans Union LLC, is legally registered with the Secretary of State, in PA.  Trans Union LLC is also legally registered with the Secretary of State, in IL with registered address at Mr. Peck's Office in Chicago, IL.   Trans Union LLC is a “consumer reporting agency” as the term is defined in the FCRA.

"TransUnion LLC" is not the same entity as "Trans Union LLC".  "TransUnion LLC" is a fake, fraudulent company not registered in PA and not registered in IL. 

The FCRA mandates my request for the disclosure of my consumer file.   I followed the FCRA.   I sent my initial payment "Trans Union LLC" to the disclosure department at PO Box 1000, Chester, PA 19016.   The other Trans Union LLC address I am aware of is: PO Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016-2000 used for disputes. 

Ultimately, Mr. Peck, CEO of TransUnion cannot hide behind a claim that I did not follow "procedure".  Mr. Peck, CEO of TransUnion is in receipt of the documents I received from fake "TransUnion  LLC", PO Box 805, Woodlyn, PA 19094-0805.   Mr. Peck, CEO has a duty to TransUnion's shareholders and the public to handle the matter of the fake "TransUnion LLC" and the protection of the Trans Union LLC service mark.   

My money orders to "TransUnion" and "Trans Union LLC" have been cashed and I do not yet know who cashed them.  When Mr. Peck, CEO received a copy of my money orders with my request to tell me if TransUnion or any of its subsidiaries cashed the money orders, I expect a timely response from Mr. Peck, especially when I explained to him that I am concerned that my money and identity have been stolen.

My money orders were accompanied by letters that explicitly stated that the money orders were for my file disclosure and I referenced FCRA Title 15 United States Code § 1681g(a).

To-date, I am not in receipt of my file disclosure from Trans Union LLC.
I do not understand any of the posts regarding sue or litigation in this thread.   I never mentioned an intention to sue or litigate.

You may not agree with my opinion. That is OK.  I share my experience.  The least I expect is civility, common decency and decorum from others. 
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You guys just can't leave me alone. Again, you do not need to talk with me.  Start your own thread and bash others there.  You do not need to participate in this thread I started.

Again, I am not "asking" questions.  I am sharing my opinions and experience.

Mental Illness?  New low.  Time will tell.

As for the resident TransUnion Bully troll, Clydesmom66, I will not read your post(s).  Now that would be a certain waste of my time.


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