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WA consumer law thread links.
« on: July 26, 2009 01:45:46 AM »
Here are some threads citing Washington State laws pertaining to consumer law that have been posted at DB.

Posted in the "Regional Boards:  The West":

Contract law/litigation:

WA Laws:  Not in writing?  Doesn't exist=VOID

WA Laws:  Sued for debt not legally enforceable


WA Laws:  Keeping them from removing to Federal

Consumer protection laws, WA State:

Washington S[t]ate Consumer Protection Laws

WA Laws: Statutory Authority to awards for violations of WA's FDCPA

WA Law: Violations of the FDC PA are per se violations of RCW 19.86 (CPA)

Laws pertaining to dishonored ("bad") checks and their collection:

WA Law- Collection laws for Checks- How, and how not to.

Posted in "State Laws" main Forum:

Collection Agency Laws: WA State.

9th Circuit (Federal) cases which are also useful for WA residents:,8350.0

More will be added if and when posted here at DB.
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Re: WA consumer law thread links.
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2009 08:57:58 AM »
I've asked the mods to let me post a note here in response to an email I recently received off-site from a CA I have never had dealings with.

First, to that CA:

Thank you for taking the time to research how consumers view your industry, and using sites such as Debtorboards as a tool in making yourself more compliant. From our private discussion it seems that you realize you are a "necessary evil" in our language, but strive to conduct yourself in a manner respectful of consumers rights. Again, I thank you for that on behalf of the consumers you interact with.

To the Debtorboards staff:

Thank you for doing all that you do here. As seen above, your efforts are having a greater impact on the collection industry than the few individual complaints filed by your members. Creating rights for consumers does nothing if consumers are not aware of those rights and the means of enforcing them. 

To other Collection Agencies and Debt Purchasers reading this:

I realize, as do some other members here, that many of you see the complaints filed against you because of sites like this as a cost of doing business. From a purely business standpoint I can appreciate the risk/reward analysis many of you do when considering a new collection technique. From a purely business point of view I can almost respect some of the choices you make to increase your bottom line.

Someday, when more consumers become aware of their rights and begin to enforce them, the risks will greatly outweigh the potential rewards. We have just hit the point of critical mass in that expansion curve and the number of sophisticated consumers is exploding at an exponential rate now. Everywhere you look there is evidence of this.Eleven months from now there will be many recorded calls and dunning letters sitting in the filing cabinets of educated and litigious consumers that today are the compliant sheep you feed on.Keep that in mind as you type up your next batch of collection notices, they just may become tomorrows class action.

I am sure that I am not the only person that sits down with a checklist and your letter looking for violations to call you on, and it may be economically beneficial now to just pay me and my kind off. But what will you do when the number of people like me has exploded to the point that one batch of letters creates a liability greater than those letters are trying to collect?If our numbers reach that point in the next year then tomorrows letters could very well be your undoing since we have 12 months to file.

Police yourselves. Discuss things amongst each other, and don't be afraid to ask questions here. We want you to be compliant, and if that means telling you exactly why we would sue over the contents of a letter you should take advantage of it.

To the consumers here:

A year ago I was clueless to all of this and I still remember how overwhelmed I was when I found this site by all of the information. I tend to give cliff note answers to questions like many others here and expect a bit of a basic understanding on your part. If you haven't done some preliminary study before asking questions don't be afraid to say so, you'll get a much more detailed answer followed by pertinent links usually.

And as always, nothing I ever post is legal advice. I'm only qualified to protect lives (Army), save lives (EMT-B) and drink too much Mountain Dew. My posts are just my opinion and understanding and are meant to do nothing other than stimulate thought and further research.

That said, good luck in your endeavors.