Author Topic: Kohl's/CapitalOne vilolations of FDCPA  (Read 3172 times)

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Re: Kohl's/CapitalOne vilolations of FDCPA
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Thank you all for the insight, input and recommendations...all good points..I certainly don't want to have try and attempt a precedent,
that might prove harmful..

more research it is......

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Re: Kohl's/CapitalOne vilolations of FDCPA
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Wisconsin and Virginia law are irrelevant unless you live there. Where do you live, by the way?

 Unless you have a very tough state FDCPA type law, I would drop this. They identified themselves as Kohl's when they called, and they provided you monthly with the name of the creditor and the amount. It's on your online statement.

The Kohl's credit card privacy policy on their site is posted by Cap One. There is no confusion or chicanery involved, it is quite clear who is extending you credit. The application disclosures say:

"Authorization: When you apply for a Kohl’s credit card from Capital One, N.A. (“Capital One”,“we”, or “us”), you agree to the following:"
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