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EQ and CitiMortgage 2nd Mortgage
« on: January 07, 2015 03:32:49 PM »
In 2013 my wife and I had our 2nd mortgage forgiven under the HAMP program and some federal lawsuit settlements with the big banks.  It has always reported as transferred/sold which I knew wasnt totally accurate but balance was zero and is said Paid. Well I want to get a used car loan and not pay 9% interest so I have decided to clean up some old on my report. I started with this. Now mind you I have a 1099 from Citi, a release of lien notice etc. I asked them to correct the TL and today I get a credit alert that it has been updated to "bad debt/collection, skip" WTF? My score dropped 40pts! and it says date last reported 1/1/2015, this account was closed 1/2013 when it was forgiven.

I filed a complaint with CFPB and BBB today against EQ. What are my other options? The account went from basically neutral probably not affecting my scores much to destroying it.

Thank You for any advice and direction