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Cap. One charged off Debt now being sued by DC...Novice Help

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You are not presenting much in the way of specifics.  You say you are now in private arb, but which forum?  AAA or JAMS?  Who did the filing?  Are you certain a complaint was filed in one of the arb forums?  You say the court is deferring the fees.  That sounds like court arbitration to me.

Just because a judge orders arbitration does not mean you are in arb.   Either you or the other side has to file the complaint in arb.  Check your cc agreement to see if the other side will pay your fees.

Read all you can on this site about arb.  You can file with JAMS and have JAMS bill the other side for your fee if the cc agreement says they will pay it.

Quit pinging off the walls and making all of the "victim" statements.  Calm down and read, read, and read some more.  Then make an action plan.  If you file first, you put them on the defensive and you drive that car.  But, you must educate yourself, and you can do that here.

We can hold your hand only so far, but you have to take the initiative.


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