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New York SOL - 3 years
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I noticed this hasn't been posted in the state forum but I wanted to point out a 2010 NY Appeals Court decision in which the consumer is entitled to their choice of the shorter of the two SOLs.

Portfolio Recover Associates, LLC v. King,+LLC+v.+King&hl=en&as_sdt=2,33&as_ylo=2010&as_vis=1&case=8626368307996834885&scilh=0



Essentially, New York’s Court of Appeals held that a consumer was entitled to the shorter of New York’s statute of limitations (six years for breach of contract) and Delaware’s statute of limitations (three years for breach of contract).

In coming to this conclusion, the Court did not rely upon the Delaware choice of law provision in the consumer’s credit card agreement.  Rather, the Court held that even though the credit card agreement’s “standard” choice of law provision only applied to “substantive” legal issues and not to “procedural” issues , such as the statute of limitations, the consumer, a pro se litigant, was entitled to Delaware’s shorter statute of limitations pursuant to CPLR § 202 (i.e. New York’s “borrowing statute”).  Specifically, the Court held that defendant was entitled to choose the shorter of the statute of limitations available in a the original creditor’s home state of Delaware, and the six year statute of limitations generally applicable to credit card cases under New York law.

The Court explicitly held that it was the original creditor’s home state that was at issue, and not the home state of the debt buyer, who had purchased the account after default.

To look up where the credit card entity is incorporated you can do a NY state search here:

Most of the biggies are incorporated in Delaware which is a 3 year SOL:

Citigroup (Delaware):

Discover (Delaware):

Chase (Delaware):

American Express has 3 entries. Credit and Centurion are Delaware, the other is NY:

Capital One (Delaware):

HSBC Card Services (Delaware):

Please be sure to do your own due diligence on this, I believe the information I have listed above is correct but I may have linked you to an incorrect corporate filing for the credit card you are looking for in the state of New York.
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