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Auto Glass Solutions fraud claim to USAA
« on: September 03, 2010 10:18:40 AM »
Auto Glass Solutions replaced my windshield in AZ at my home on an emergency basis and there was a warranty on the work. =(written) After I got home I noticed that the plastic gutter was shattered, there were missing screws and the wipers were bent and ruined. I had to have them come out to fix them three times and in the process parts of the wipers turned up missing.

Only 7 mos later there was another crack in my windshield and it was done as part of the work Auto Glass Solutions "did" trying to fix the wipers. I had to have the windshield replaced, but I refused to let AGS do the work. My insurance, USAA paid AGS for the first replacement and for the second replacement, but AGS charge USAA for another windshield. USAA questioned me and I told them AGS never replaced my windshield. AGS is trying to get me to pay it and I have refused and every CA they send at me gets a C&D.

AGS told me they were going to ding my credit and sue me and I am waiting. I have ordered my credit report and they claim they sent it to me but I haven't received it yet. Question: how do I proceed. I am pretty sure that I can sue AGS if they ding my credit, but how do I calculate the damage? What is the claim for their fraud claim against my insurance? Advice? Should I sue the owner and the company? How do I calculate the SOL? Thanks from this Newbie.

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Re: Auto Glass Solutions fraud claim to USAA
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2010 08:07:14 PM »
I say a fraud complaint to the Insurance Commissioner is in order for all charges... insurance claims past the first replacement.

I would also send a written complaint to the insurance company about this companies practices in regards to the charges, claims, collections and damaging you vehicle and refusing to make it right.

You can do those things

You can wait and sue the CA under FDCPA/FCRA...

You can wait and sue the OC under FCRA...

You can sue the AGS for the costs to completely and properly repair the damage they did.  If you havent repaired it then get estimates for them.  That way you get this <stuff> in front of a court.  I would include any amount they claim you owe in the claim.
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