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PRG aka The Phoenix Recovery Group in San Antonio TX
« on: July 21, 2010 12:32:14 AM »
Between my husband and my self they have three collection accounts. 
I will list the issues on the most recent account first.
My husband and I moved from an apartment in to a house we bought owner finance.
I gave the apartment notice and my Forwarding address in Jan 2010 a month before I moved out.
No contact from apartment.  July 1, I get a call from a scam collector( not related to the topic at hand just a totally random thing), so I pull my CR and see a collection account from PRG listing my former apartment complex as the original creditor. 
I call the complex and ask why they haven't sent a bill.  In the meantime i look up Texas Property code Section 92 and find the Apartment complex has violated sections 92.103,92.107 and 92.109.  By doing this they forfeited to their claim of damages.  Anyway I filed a small claims suit suing the LLC that owns the complex for 3 times my deposit plus $100 per the property code.  I filed July 7Th.  The complex after my phone call sent a damages bill but at this point I have a letter with my forwarding address singed b the apt manager and the thirty day window to send it to me has passed.  ( aside from the fact they are billing me for  a water bill I paid to the water co. and insane damages that I can prove never existed but that's besides the point since they never sent a bill during the first 30 days after I moved out)

I find out yesterday PRG is calling my ex Mother in Law and leaving messages at her house and listing her address on my credit report when I can prove the OC had my address and phone numbers. I call PRG and give them my address and the collection agent John Smith ( um somehow I doubt it ) tells me I am a deadbeat etc and screams at me about paying my debt for the apartment I trashed etc. I calmly tell him to please <Removed>, I mean please stop talking so I can say something so I can say something as as soon as I try to tell them there is litigation pending and I will be following this phone call with a DV letter he told me they will not  and don't have to send me anything. And he continues to belittle and try to shame me into agreeing to pay.  I asked to speak to someone who doesn't have anger management issues and could speak to me in a normal tone.  I repeated to the next person on the phone that there was litigation pending and that until such time as it was completed this is an invalid debt.  I sent my DV letter this morning.  Also demanding that they cease contact with anyone other than myself since they have my contact info, since after I called them yesterday they still called my ex Mother in Law.

They have another Collection account on my from 2004.  They called everyone but me spoke to me a few times on the phone told me that my old apartment complex has a judgement on me for a broken lease.  I called the JP courts back in 2004 they didn't have anything and I don't have any judgements on my credit report so i don't believe it.  They have never sent me anything in writing for this collection account.  Would I know if there was a judgement from 2004 on me. 

There is a third account it is for my husband.  He and his ex wife had an apartment in 2004.  He moved out at the end of the lease.  She stayed.  His name was forged on the 05-06 lease.  (this is all besides the point just background info.) PRG called him at work etc and on his cell phone finally stopped calling but again never followed the phone calls with a written notice.

BTW I think I am pretty judgement proof anyway right now as I live on SSDI and VA benefits and my house is my homestead and my car is way upside down. 

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Re: PRG aka The Phoenix Recovery Group in San Antonio TX
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2010 01:22:58 AM »
1. Send PRG a Cease Communications letter. No VOD, no Limited Cease Comm, a full Cease Communications letter. Do this for BOTH accounts (separate letters, CMRRR.

2. File suit against PRG for Unlawful Disclosure in violation of FDCPA on your account for the conversations with your Mother in law.
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Re: PRG aka The Phoenix Recovery Group in San Antonio TX
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2017 09:55:44 AM »
Centennial Law Offices is looking for information relating to Phoenix Recovery Group, a debt collection company.  This information request is related to the case of Lloyd v. Tolteca Enterprises, Inc. in The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas (case # 5:17-cv-00586).  If you have experienced collection activity from Phoenix Recovery Group, and especially if you have made a payment to them, please contact us at or by telephone at (888)504-8817.  Those providing information need not identify themselves.

Centennial Law Offices is a law office specializing in the representation of consumers against debt collectors in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases.


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Re: PRG aka The Phoenix Recovery Group in San Antonio TX
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2017 04:19:29 PM »
This thread is 7 years old.  I am sure it is resolved by now.  Good grief look before you post.
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